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      Un Modelo Lineal Generalizado Semiparametrico para Analisis de Duracion con Censura 

      Orbe Lizundia, Jesús María (2000-07)
      [EN] Aitkin and Clayton (1980) proposed to analyze duration models using generalized linear models. In this work we extend that methodology allowing for some nonspecified covariable effect. The model we propose is a ...
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      Mixed Duopoly, Merger and Multiproduct Firms 

      Bárcena Ruiz, Juan Carlos; Garzón San Felipe, María Begoña (2000-07)
      The literature on mergers has extensively analyzed the decision to merge by private firms but it has not considered the decision to merge by private and public firms. We assume that when a private firm and a public firm ...
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      factor analysis of a set of contingency tables 

      Zárraga Castro, María Amaya; Goitisolo Lezama, Beatriz (2000-09)
      [EN] The aim of this paper is to develope a factor method for the simultaneous analysis of several contingency tables. As in multiple correspondence analysis, the method studies similarity among rows, among columns and ...
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      Application of the Analysis Cluster in the economic environment. A study of the neighborhoods of Donostia 

      Jiménez López, Mariano; Zárraga Castro, María Amaya; Zubia Zubiaurre, Marian (2000-10)
      [EN] We try to study the quality of life in Donostia, in the sense that we want to study the relationship that can exist among those inhabitants of the housings and the structure of the same ones. We will attempt to look ...
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      Analysis of the relationship between International Immigration and Unemployement 

      Díaz-Emparanza Herrero, Ignacio; Miranda Espinosa, Alexandra (2000-10)
      [EN] The relationship between the unemployment and the international immigration is getting interest while the differences between poor and rich countries are stressed. The poor countries offer cheap work force to occupy ...
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      Sole Ownership and Common Property Under Management Flexibility: Valuation, Optimal Exploitation and Regulation 

      Murillas Maza, Arantza (2001-01)
      If one were to examine the institutional configurations under which real world fisheries operate, one would find virtually no fisheries operating under either pure open access or rent maximizing conditions. Instead, most ...
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      Analysis of Length of Time Spent in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 

      Orbe Lizundia, Jesús María; Ferreira García, María Eva; Núñez Antón, Vicente Alfredo (2001-01)
      This paper investigates original issuers of high yield bonds in Chapter 11 bankruptcy to determine which factors affect the length of time spent in Chapter 11. In order to do this analysis we propose a flexible new duration ...
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      Nonparametric estimation of time varying parameters under shape restrictions 

      Orbe Mandaluniz, Susan; Ferreira García, María Eva; Rodríguez Poo, Juan M. (2001-01)
      In this paper we propose a new method to estimate nonparametrically a time varying parameter model when some qualitative information from outside data (e.g. seasonality) is available. In this framework we make two main ...
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      Mixed Oligopoly and Environmental Policy 

      Bárcena Ruiz, Juan Carlos; Garzón San Felipe, María Begoña (2001-02)
      The literature on mixed oligopoly does not consider the role that the environmental policy of the government plays on the decision whether to privatize public firms. Assuming that there are one public firm and n private ...
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      On the strategic choice of spatial price policy: the role of the pricing game rules 

      Aguirre Pérez, Iñaki; Martín Arroyuelos, Ana María (2001-02)
      In this paper, whe show that the strategic choice of spatial price policy under duopoly crucially depends on the rules of price competition. Thisse and Vives (1988) show that spatial price discrimination is a dominant ...
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      Técnicas Factoriales de Análisis de Tablas Múltiples: Nuevos Desarrollos Empíricos 

      Abascal Fernández, Elena; Fernández Aguirre, María Carmen; Modroño Herrán, Juan Ignacio; Landaluce Calvo, M. Isabel (2001-03)
      Existen varias técnicas de análisis de tablas múltiples en la literatura. Estas técnicas tienen, sin embargo, lagunas de aplicación cuando las tablas están compuestas por un número diferente de individuos, especialmente ...
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      International Trade and Strategic Privatization 

      Bárcena Ruiz, Juan Carlos; Garzón San Felipe, María Begoña (2001-03)
      The literature on mixed oligopoly does not consider that there is strategic interaction between governments when they decide whether to privatize their public firms. In order to analyze this quetion we consider two countries; ...
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      Commitment Power in a Non-Stationary Durable-Good Market 

      Usategui Díaz de Otalora, José María (2001-05)
      This paper derives and evaluates the decisions of a durable good monopolist in a context where demand for the services of the durable good changes over time. It shows that, if the size of the market decreases over time, ...
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      Environmental Policy in Unionized Industries 

      Campo Corredera, María Luz (2001-10)
      [EN] This paper focuses on the effects of environmental policy over the perfomance of firms and workers, when there is local pollution. We assume that the government chooses the environmental policy announcing an upper ...
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      Economic Integration and Privatization of Publicly-owned Firms 

      Bárcena Ruiz, Juan Carlos; Garzón San Felipe, María Begoña (2001-12)
      [EN] We analyse in this paper whether it should be the government of each country that decides whether to privatise a publicly-owned firm (non integration) or whether a supra-national authority should decide whether ...
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      Absorbing Sets in Coalitional Systems 

      Iñarra García, María Elena; Kuipers, Jerome; Olaizola Ortega, María Norma (2001-12)
      The purpose of this paper is twofold: First, to present an approach and a solution for analyzing the stability of coalition structures: We define a coalitional system (a set and a binary relation on that set) that explains ...
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      Multivariate Data Imputation using Trees 

      Bárcena Ruiz, María Jesús; Tusell Palmer, Fernando Jorge (2002)
      We address the problem of completing two files with records containing a fully observed common subset of variables. The tecnique investigated involves the use of regression and/or classification trees. An extension of ...
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      Adam Smith on Capital and Income 

      Ormazabal Sánchez, Kepa Mirena (2002-02)
      In this paper I critically analyze Smith's thesis in book I, chapter 6 of the "Wealth of Nations" that the replacement of the capital goods consumed in production becomes fully income. I argue that Smith’s argument is ...
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      Quesnay and Leontief on Capital and Income 

      Ormazabal Sánchez, Kepa Mirena (2002-03)
      I analyze Quesnay's explanation of the "Tableau Economique" of 1766 in order to show that he made a clear distinction between capital and income. In holding this distinction, Quesnay rejected the nowadays currently accepted ...
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      Gaussian Semiparametric Estimation in Long Memory in Stochastic Volatility and Signal Plus Noise Models 

      Arteche González, Jesús María (2002-04)
      This paper considers the persistence found in the volatility of many financial time series by means of a local Long Memory in Stochastic Volatility model and analyzes the performance of the Gaussian semiparametric or local ...