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      Nonparametric estimation betas in the Market Model 

      Esteban González, María Victoria; Orbe Mandaluniz, Susan (2006)
      In this study an alternative nonparametric estimator to the Fama and MacBeth approach for the CAPM estimation is proposed. Betas and risk premiums are estimated simultaneously in order to increase the explanatory power of ...
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      Nonparametric estimation of time varying parameters under shape restrictions 

      Orbe Mandaluniz, Susan; Ferreira García, María Eva; Rodríguez Poo, Juan M. (2001-01)
      In this paper we propose a new method to estimate nonparametrically a time varying parameter model when some qualitative information from outside data (e.g. seasonality) is available. In this framework we make two main ...
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      Numerical Distribution Functions for Seasonal Unit Root Tests 

      Díaz-Emparanza Herrero, Ignacio (2011-12)
      When working with time series data observed at intervals smaller than a year, it is often necessary to test for the presence of seasonal unit roots. One of the most widely used methods for testing seasonal unit roots is ...
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      On downloading and using COIN-OR for solving linear/integer optimization problems 

      Pérez Sainz de Rozas, Gloria; Garín Martín, María Araceli (2010)
      The aim of this technical report is to present some detailed explanations in order to help to use the open source software for optimization COIN-OR. In particular, we describe how to download, install and use the corresponding ...
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      On Downloading and Using CPLEX within COIN-OR for Solving Linear/Integer Optimization Problems 

      Pérez Sainz de Rozas, Gloria; Garín Martín, María Araceli (2011-11)
      The aim of this technical report is to present some detailed explanations in order to use the solver CPLEX within COIN-OR environment. In particular, we describe how to download, install and use the corresponding source ...
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      On solving two stage stochastic linear problems by using a new approach, Cluster Benders Decomposition 

      Aranburu Laka, Larraitz; Escudero Bueno, Laureano F.; Garín Martín, María Araceli; Pérez Sainz de Rozas, Gloria (2010-11)
      The optimization of stochastic linear problems, via scenario analysis, based on Benders decomposition requires to appending feasibility and/or optimality cuts to the master problem until the iterative procedure reaches the ...
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      On the strategic choice of spatial price policy: the role of the pricing game rules 

      Aguirre Pérez, Iñaki; Martín Arroyuelos, Ana María (2001-02)
      In this paper, whe show that the strategic choice of spatial price policy under duopoly crucially depends on the rules of price competition. Thisse and Vives (1988) show that spatial price discrimination is a dominant ...
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      Optimal Environmental Taxation When Goods and Contamination are Durable 

      Sagasta Elorza, Amagoia (1999-11)
      [EN] This paper analyzes the effects of optimal taxation on a polluting monopolist who produces a durable good and cannot precommit to future sale prices. The government establishes the taxes that maximize social welfare, ...
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      Output dynamics in an endogenous growth model 

      Barañano Mentxaka, Ilaski; Moral Zuazo, María Paz (2003-07)
      The aim of this paper is to analyze whether endogenous growth RBC models are consistent with two stylized facts about U.S. output dynamics. First, GNP growth is positively correlated in the short run and it has a weak ...
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      Predicting Betas: Two new methods 

      Esteban González, María Victoria; Tusell Palmer, Fernando Jorge (2009)
      Betas play a central role in modern finance. The estimation of betas from historical data and their extrapolation into the future is of considerable practical interest. We propose two new methods: the first is a direct ...
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      Product Differentiation with Consumer Arbitrage 

      Aguirre Pérez, Iñaki; Espinosa Alejos, María Paz (2003-03)
      We analyze the consequences of consumers behavior concerning personal arbitrage in a spatial discrimination context where firms know the consumers distribution but cannot distinguish them by location. The firms' equilibrium ...
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      Productivity's development in the Basque Economy during the period 1985-1994 

      Oguiza Tobar, Ainhoa (1998-09)
      [EN] The aim of this paper is to analyse the development of Basque Country's economy's productivity in the period 1985-1994 and, identify which are the factors that decide that evolution. We specify a Cobb-Douglas production ...
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      Una propuesta para el análisis de tablas múltiples 

      Modroño Herrán, Juan Ignacio; Fernández Aguirre, María Carmen; Landaluce Calvo, M. Isabel (2003-07)
      El análisis de tablas múltiples ha seguido cuatro direcciones básicas: el Análisis Procusteano, la metodología STATIS, el Análisis Factorial Múltiple y el Análisis Canónico Generalizado. Estos métodos, en general, han sido ...
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      Quesnay and Leontief on Capital and Income 

      Ormazabal Sánchez, Kepa Mirena (2002-03)
      I analyze Quesnay's explanation of the "Tableau Economique" of 1766 in order to show that he made a clear distinction between capital and income. In holding this distinction, Quesnay rejected the nowadays currently accepted ...
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      Reconstructing Chi-squared Intra-table Distances in the Analysis of a Set of Contingency Tables 

      Zárraga Castro, María Amaya; Goitisolo Lezama, Beatriz (2007-07)
      To study similarities among the set of rows -and columns- of a contingency table, Correspondence Analysis uses chi-squared distances between row profiles -and column profiles- of that table. This article presents a factor ...
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      Risk management for mathematical optimization under uncertainty 

      Aranburu Laka, Larraitz; Escudero Bueno, Laureano F.; Garín Martín, María Araceli; Merino Maestre, María; Pérez Sainz de Rozas, Gloria (2016)
      We present a general multistage stochastic mixed 0-1 problem where the uncertainty appears everywhere in the objective function, constraints matrix and right-hand-side. The uncertainty is represented by a scenario tree ...
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      Scenario Cluster Lagrangian Decomposition in two stage stochastic mixed 0-1 optimization 

      Escudero Bueno, Laureano F.; Garín Martín, María Araceli; Pérez Sainz de Rozas, Gloria; Unzueta Inchaurbe, Aitziber (2012)
      In this paper we introduce four scenario Cluster based Lagrangian Decomposition (CLD) procedures for obtaining strong lower bounds to the (optimal) solution value of two-stage stochastic mixed 0-1 problems. At each iteration ...
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      Seasonal Stability Tests in gretl. An Application to International Tourism Data 

      Díaz-Emparanza Herrero, Ignacio; Moral Zuazo, María Paz (2013-09)
      The seasonal stability tests of Canova & Hansen (1995) (CH) provide a method complementary to that of Hylleberg et al. (1990) for testing for seasonal unit roots. But the distribution of the CH tests are unknown in small ...
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      Selecting random parameters in discrete choice experiment for environmental valuation: A simulation experiment 

      Mariel Chladkova, Petr; De Ayala Bilbao, Amaya; Hoyos Ramos, David; Abdullah, Sabah (2010)
      This paper examines the various tests commonly used to select random parameters in choice modelling. The most common procedures for selecting random parameters are: the Lagrange Multiplier test as proposed by McFadden and ...
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      Selection of the number of frequencies using bootstrap techniques in log-periodogram regression 

      Arteche González, Jesús María; Orbe Lizundia, Jesús María (2008-02)
      The choice of the bandwidth in the local log-periodogram regression is of crucial importance for estimation of the memory parameter of a long memory time series. Different choices may give rise to completely different ...