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      A Simple Model of Anticompetitive Vertical Integration 

      Sandonís, Joel; Faulí Oller, Ramón (2003-01)
      The result of neutrality of vertical integration for competition postulated by the Chicago School can be supported by a benchmark model with (1) an upstream monopolist, (2) homogeneous goods downstream and (3) observable ...
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      Choice of Product Variety for the Durable Goods Monopolist 

      Casado Izaga, Francisco Javier; Saracho de la Torre, Ana Isabel (1999-01)
      This paper analyzes the strategic choice of variety by a monopolist seller of a durable good as a means to mitigate his commitment problem. The monopolist chooses his product variety with a goal of ensuring that a strong ...
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      Commitment Power in a Non-Stationary Durable-Good Market 

      Usategui Díaz de Otalora, José María (2001-05)
      This paper derives and evaluates the decisions of a durable good monopolist in a context where demand for the services of the durable good changes over time. It shows that, if the size of the market decreases over time, ...
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      Competition, regulation, and pricing behavior in the Spanish retail gasoline market 

      Contín Pilart, Ignacio; Correljé, Aad F.; Palacios, María Blanca (2006)
      The restructuring of the Spanish oil industry produced a highly concentrated oligopoly in the retail gasoline market. In June 1990 the Spanish government introduced a system of ceiling price regulation in order to ensure ...
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      Economic Integration and Privatization of Publicly-owned Firms 

      Bárcena Ruiz, Juan Carlos; Garzón San Felipe, María Begoña (2001-12)
      [EN] We analyse in this paper whether it should be the government of each country that decides whether to privatise a publicly-owned firm (non integration) or whether a supra-national authority should decide whether ...
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      Entrada endógena ineficiente 

      Rubio Peña, Jesús Ángel (2002-07)
      [EN] Stewart (1994) presents a model of endogenous entry. In his article Stewart proposes the following topic for future research: "An important feature of the model is that entry would be inefficient from the producers' ...
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      International Trade and Strategic Privatization 

      Bárcena Ruiz, Juan Carlos; Garzón San Felipe, María Begoña (2001-03)
      The literature on mixed oligopoly does not consider that there is strategic interaction between governments when they decide whether to privatize their public firms. In order to analyze this quetion we consider two countries; ...
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      Merging to License: Internal vs. External Patentee 

      Sandonís, Joel; Faulí Oller, Ramón (2003-01)
      In this paper, we endogenize the decision of a research laboratory that owns a patented process innovation on whether to remain independent as an external patentee or to merge with a manufacturing firm, becoming an internal ...
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      Mixed Duopoly, Merger and Multiproduct Firms 

      Bárcena Ruiz, Juan Carlos; Garzón San Felipe, María Begoña (2000-07)
      The literature on mergers has extensively analyzed the decision to merge by private firms but it has not considered the decision to merge by private and public firms. We assume that when a private firm and a public firm ...
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      Mixed Oligopoly and Environmental Policy 

      Bárcena Ruiz, Juan Carlos; Garzón San Felipe, María Begoña (2001-02)
      The literature on mixed oligopoly does not consider the role that the environmental policy of the government plays on the decision whether to privatize public firms. Assuming that there are one public firm and n private ...
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      On the strategic choice of spatial price policy: the role of the pricing game rules 

      Aguirre Pérez, Iñaki; Martín Arroyuelos, Ana María (2001-02)
      In this paper, whe show that the strategic choice of spatial price policy under duopoly crucially depends on the rules of price competition. Thisse and Vives (1988) show that spatial price discrimination is a dominant ...
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      Product Differentiation with Consumer Arbitrage 

      Aguirre Pérez, Iñaki; Espinosa Alejos, María Paz (2003-03)
      We analyze the consequences of consumers behavior concerning personal arbitrage in a spatial discrimination context where firms know the consumers distribution but cannot distinguish them by location. The firms' equilibrium ...
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      Should Owners of Firms Delegate Long-run Decisions? 

      Bárcena Ruiz, Juan Carlos; Casado Izaga, Francisco Javier (1999-11)
      This paper analyzes whether owners of firms have incentives to delegate their long-run decisions to managers or not. The result arising from our analysis shows that owners do have incentives to keep their long-run decisions ...
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      Timing of Wage Setting when Firms Invest in R&D 

      Bárcena Ruiz, Juan Carlos; Campo Corredera, María Luz (2003-12)
      In this paper, we analyze the effect that the timing of wage setting (i. e. whether wages set sequentially or simultaneously) has on the investment in R&D of firms, when that investment increases the productivity of labor, ...