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      3-Form Cosmology: Phantom Behaviour, Singularities and Interactions 

      Morais, Joao; Bouhmadi López, Mariam ORCID; Marto, Joao (MDPI, 2018-03-03)
      The latest cosmological observations by the Planck collaboration (and combined with others) are compatible with a phantom-like behaviour (w <-1) for the dark energy equation of state that drives the current acceleration ...
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      A continued fraction based approach for the Two-photon Quantum Rabi Model 

      Lupo, Elena; Napoli, Anna; Messina, Antonino; Solano Villanueva, Enrique Leónidas ORCID; Egusquiza Egusquiza, Íñigo Luis ORCID (Nature Publishing, 2019-03-11)
      We study the Two Photon Quantum Rabi Model by way of its spectral functions and survival probabilities. This approach allows numerical precision with large truncation numbers, and thus exploration of the spectral collapse. ...
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      A Dual-Species Bose-Einstein Condensate with Attractive Interspecies Interactions 

      Burchianti, Alessia; D’Errico, Chiara; Prevedelli, Marco; Salasnich, Luca; Ancilotto, Francesco; Modugno, Michele; Minardi, Francesco; Fort, Chiara (MDPI, 2020-03-21)
      We report on the production of a 41 K- 87 Rb dual-species Bose–Einstein condensate with tunable interspecies interaction and we study the mixture in the attractive regime; i.e., for negative values of the interspecies ...
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      A formalism based on moments for classical and quantum cosmology 

      Brizuela Cieza, David (IOP Publishing LTD, 2015)
      We compare the classical and quantum description of systems with one degree of freedom with an effective formalism based on statistical moments. Within this formalism the similarities and differences between the classical ...
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      A phenomenological exploration within Theoretical Cosmology: from the Early to the Late Universe. 

      Viegas Morais, Joao André (2018-10-11)
      En esta tesis se han explorado posibles extensiones del Modelo Estándar de la Cosmología. Hemos obtenido las predicciones teóricas de los modelos considerados y sus principales características. Los resultados presentados ...
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      Activating hidden metrological usefulness 

      Tóth, Géza; Vértesi, Tamás; Horodecki, Paweł; Horodecki, Ryszard (American Physical Society, 2020-07-07)
      [EN] We consider bipartite entangled states that cannot outperform separable states in any linear interferometer. Then, we show that these states can still be more useful metrologically than separable states if several ...
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      An analytic superfield formalism for tree superamplitudes in D=10 and D=11 

      Bandos, Igor (Springer, 2018-05-16)
      Tree amplitudes of 10D supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory (SYM) and 11D supergravity (SUGRA) are collected in multi-particle counterparts of analytic on-shell superfields. These have essentially the same form as their chiral ...
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      An anomaly in quantum phases induced by borders 

      Jing, Jun; Guidry, Mike; Wu, Lianao (Nature, 2020-04-24)
      The stationary behavior of a quantum system is determined by its Hamiltonian and its boundary conditions. All quantum phase transitions (QPT) reported previously were induced by changing the Hamiltonian. In a circular spin ...
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      An Exact Approach to Elimination of Leakage in a Qubit Embedded in a Three-level System 

      Sun, Yifan; Zhang, Jun-Yi; Wu, Lianao (Nature, 2019-07-30)
      Leakage errors damage a qubit by coupling it to other levels. Over the years, several theoretical approaches to dealing with such errors have been developed based on perturbation arguments. Here we propose a different ...
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      Anisotropic expansion and SNIa: An open issue 

      Jose Beltrán Jiménez, José; Salzano, Vincenzo; Lazcoz Sáez, Ruth ORCID (Elsevier, 2015-02-04)
      We review the appropriateness of using SNIa observations to detect potential signatures of anisotropic expansion in the Universe. We focus on Union2 and SNLS3 SNIa datasets and use the hemispherical comparison method to ...
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      Anisotropic Inflation With Derivative Couplings 

      Holland, Jonathan; Kanno, Sugumi; Zavala, Ivonne (American Physical Society, 2018-05-29)
      We study anisotropic power-law inflationary solutions when the inflaton and its derivative couple to a vector field. This type of coupling is motivated by D-brane inflationary models, in which the inflaton, and a vector ...
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      Anomalous transport in second order hydrodynamics 

      Megías Fernández, Eugenio ORCID; Valle Basagoiti, Manuel Ángel ORCID (E. D. P Sciences, 2016)
      We study the non-dissipative transport effects appearing at second order in the hydrodynamic expansion for a non-interacting gas of chiral fermions by using the partition function formalism. We discuss some features of the ...
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      Azimuthal asymmetries of back-to-back π±−(π0, η, π±) pairs in e+e− annihilation 

      Belle Collaboration; Schnell, Gunar (American Physical Society, 2019-11-27)
      This work reports the first observation of azimuthal asymmetries around the thrust axis in e(+)e(-) annihilation of pairs of back-to-back charged pions in one hemisphere, and pi(0) and eta mesons in the opposite hemisphere. ...
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      Beam-helicity asymmetries for single-hadron production in semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering from unpolarized hydrogen and deuterium targets 

      The HERMES Collaboration; Schnell, Gunar; Van Hulse, Charlotte Barbara; Veretennikov, D. (Elsevier, 2019-10-10)
      A measurement of beam-helicity asymmetries for single-hadron production in deep-inelastic scattering is presented. Data from the scattering of 27.6 GeV electrons and positrons off gaseous hydrogen and deuterium targets ...
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      Black hole solutions in mimetic Born-Infeld gravity 

      Chen, Che-Yu; Bouhmadi López, Mariam ORCID; Chen, Pisin (Springer, 2018-01-23)
      The vacuum, static, and spherically symmetric solutions in the mimetic Born-Infeld gravity are studied. The mimetic Born-Infeld gravity is a reformulation of the Eddington-inspired-Born-Infeld (EiBI) model under the mimetic ...
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      Black Holes, Cosmological Solutions, Future Singularities, and Their Thermodynamical Properties in Modified Gravity Theorie 

      De la Cruz-Dombriz, Álvaro; Sáez Gómez, Diego (MDPI, 2012-09-18)
      Along this review, we focus on the study of several properties of modified gravity theories, in particular on black-hole solutions and its comparison with those solutions in General Relativity, and on Friedmann–Lemaˆıtr ...
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      Bound Entangled Singlet-Like States for Quantum Metrology 

      Pal, Karoly F.; Tóth, Géza; Bene, Erika; Vértesi, Tamás (American Physical Society, 2021-05-10)
      Bipartite entangled quantum states with a positive partial transpose (PPT), i.e., PPT entangled states, are usually considered very weakly entangled. Since no pure entanglement can be distilled from them, they are also ...
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      Calibrating Analytical Models for Semilocal Strings 

      López Eiguren, Asier (IOP Publishing, 2015)
      In this work we calibrate two different analytic models of semilocal strings by constraining the values of their free parameters. In order to do so, we use data obtained from the largest and most accurate field theory ...
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      Characterization of (asymptotically) Kerr–de Sitter-like spacetimes at null infinity* 

      Mars, Marc; Paetz, Tim-Torben; Martín Senovilla, José María ORCID; Simon, Walter (IOP Publishing, 2016-08-04)
      We investigate solutions(M, g) to Einstein's vacuum field equations with positive cosmological constant. which admit a smooth past null infinity J(-) a la Penrose and a Killing vector field whose associated Mars-Simon ...
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      Charge Screening in the Abelian Higgs Model 

      Forgács, Péter; Lukacs, Arpad Laszlo (Springer, 2021-03-18)
      In the Abelian Higgs model electric (and magnetic) fields of external charges (and currents) are screened by the scalar field. In this contribution, complementing recent investigations of Ishihara and Ogawa, we present a ...