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    Saturated fat and human health: a protocol for a methodologically innovative systematic review and meta-analysis to inform public health nutrition guidelines 

    Johnston, Bradley C.; Zeraatkar, Dena; Steen, Jeremy; Rada Fernandez de Jauregui, Diego; Zhu, Hongfei; Cooper, Matthew; Maraj, Malgorzata; Prokop-Dorner, Anna; Castro Reyes, Boris; Valli, Claudia; Storman, Dawid; Karam, Giorgio; Zajac, Joanna; Ge, Long; Swierz, Mateusz J.; Ghosh, Nirjhar; Vernooij, Robin W. M.; Chang, Yaping; Zhao, Yunli; Thabane, Lehana; Guyatt, Gordon H.; Alonso Coello, Pablo; Hooper, Lee; Bala, Malgorzata M. (BMC, 2023)
    BACKGROUND: The health effects of dietary fats are a controversial issue on which experts and authoritative organizations have often disagreed. Care providers, guideline developers, policy-makers, and researchers use ...
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    Effect of a dietary intervention based on the Mediterranean diet on the quality of life of patients recovered from depression: Analysis of the PREDIDEP randomized trial 

    Cabrera Suárez, Beatriz; Lahortiga Ramos, Francisca; Sayón Orea, María del Carmen; Hernández Fleta, José Luis; González Pinto Arrillaga, Ana María; Molero, Patricio; Vega Pérez, Rosario; Sánchez Villegas, Almudena; Cabrera, Claudio; Plá Vidal, Jorge; Chiclana Actis, Carlos; Vega Pérez, Patricia; Navarro, S.; Ortuño, Felipe; Florido, Mónica (Elsevier, 2023-05)
    INTRODUCTION: There is substantial evidence supporting that improving diet quality leads to improved health-related quality of life (HRQoL). Our major aim was to assess the effectiveness of a Mediterranean diet-based ...
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    Misinterpretation in microplastic detection in biological tissues: When 2D imaging is not enough 

    Benito, Alba; Amigo Rubio, José Manuel; Izaguirre Aramayona, Urtzi; García Velasco, Nerea; Arévalo, Laura; Seifert, Andreas; Castro Ortiz de Pinedo, Kepa (Elsevier, 2023-06)
    The presence of microplastics in the food chain is a public concern worldwide, and its analysis is an analytical challenge. In our research, we apply Raman imaging to study the presence of 1mum polystyrene microplastics ...
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    Self-propelling colloids with finite state dynamics 

    van Kesteren, Steven; Álvarez Francés, Laura; Arrese Igor, Silvia; Alegría Loinaz, Angel María; Isa, Lucio (PNAS, 2023-03)
    Endowing materials with the ability to sense, adapt, and respond to stimuli holds the key to a progress leap in autonomous systems. In spite of the growing success of macroscopic soft robotic devices, transferring these ...

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