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    Field validation of gap-type overhead conductor creep 

    Fernández Herrero, Elvira ORCID; Albizu Flórez, Igor ORCID; Bedialauneta Landaribar, Miren Terese ORCID; Mazón Sainz-Maza, Ángel Javier; Etxegarai Madina, Agurtzane (Elsevier, 2018-09-11)
    Gap-type overhead conductor sag-tension calculations based on experimental conductor creep tests are based on stress-strain and metallurgical creep tests. Although for bi-metallic conductors, these tests are carried out ...
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    Kinetic Resolution of Secondary Allyl Boronates and Their Application in the Synthesis of Homoallylic Amines 

    Villar Arango, Laura; Orlov, Nikolai V.; Kondratyev, Nikolay S.; Uria Pujana, Uxue; Vicario Hernando, José Luis ORCID; Malkov, Andrei V. (Wiley-VCH, 2018-09-02)
    Highly enantioenriched, chromatographically-stable secondary allyl boronates featuring a 1,1,2,2-tetraethyl-1,2-ethanediol fragment (Epin) were obtained by kinetic resolution of their racemic mixtures. The Epin group at ...
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    Carboxylates as Nucleophiles in the Enantioselective Ring-Opening of Formylcyclopropanes under IminiumIon Catalysis 

    Díaz, Estibaliz; Reyes Martín, Efraim; Uria Pujana, Uxue; Carrillo Fernández, María Luisa ORCID; Tejero, Tomás; Merino, Pedro; Vicario Hernando, José Luis ORCID (Wiley-VCH, 2018-04-12)
    In this work, carboxylic acids, which are typically regarded as poor nucleophiles, are demonstrated to be competent reagents to promote the ring-opening of formylcyclopropanes after activation of the latter through iminium ...
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    Ion-pairing catalysis in the enantioselective addition of hydrazones to N-acyldihydropyrrole derivatives 

    Zabaleta Alonso, Nagore; Uria Pujana, Uxue; Reyes Martín, Efraim; Carrillo Fernández, María Luisa ORCID; Vicario Hernando, José Luis ORCID (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018-07-16)
    We have demonstrated that dihydropyrrole-based enamide derivatives can act as efficient precursors of chiral quaternary N-acyliminium salts under Brønsted acid catalysis that undergo reactions with hydrazones, the latter ...

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