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    Cortical tracking of speech in noise accounts for reading strategies in children 

    Destoky, Florian; Bertels, Julie; Niesen, Maxime; Wens, Vincent; Vander Ghinst, Marc; Leybaert, Jacqueline; Lallier, Marie; Ince, Robin A. A.; Gross, Joachim; De Tiège, Xavier; Bourguignon, Mathieu (PLOS BIOLOGY, 2020)
    Humans’ propensity to acquire literacy relates to several factors, including the ability to understand speech in noise (SiN). Still, the nature of the relation between reading and SiN perception abilities remains poorly ...
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    Speaker matters: Natural inter-speaker variation affects 4-month-olds’ perception of audio-visual speech 

    Pejovic, Jovana; Yee, Eiling; Molnar, Monika (First Language, 2020)
    In the language development literature, studies often make inferences about infants’ speech perception abilities based on their responses to a single speaker. However, there can be significant natural variability across ...
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    Phonemic contrasts under construction? Evidence from Basque 

    Larraza, Saioa; Molnar, Monika; Samuel, Arthur G. (Infancy, 2020)
    Attunement theories of speech perception development suggest that native-language exposure is one of the main factors shaping infants' phonemic discrimination capacity within the second half of their first year. Here, ...
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    Earnings-based vs assets-based borrowing constraints and their impact on output 

    Ostolozaga Falcón, Ibai (2020)
    We present an overlapping generations model in order to assess the quantitative effects of financial frictions on output depending on the type of loan contract. Financial frictions are one of the major obstacles of the ...

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