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      A Fair and Scalable Mechanism for Resource Allocation: The Multilevel QPQ Approach 

      Doncel Vicente, Josu ORCID; De la Pisa Arribas, Luis; Santos, Agustín; Fernández Anta, Antonio (IEEE, 2020-12-29)
      In this paper the problem of distributing resources among a collection of users (or players) is explored. These players have independent preferences to get these resources and can be dishonest about their preferences in ...
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      A family of finite p-groups satisfying Carlson's depth conjecture 

      Garaialde Ocaña, Oihana; González Sánchez, Jon; Guerrero Sánchez, Lander (Wiley, 2022-06)
      Let p > 3 be a prime number and let r be an integer with 1 < r < p - 1. For each r, let moreover G(r) denote the unique quotient of the maximal class pro-p group of size p(r+1).We show that the mod-p cohomology ring of ...
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      A geometric and physical study of Riemann's non-diferentiable function. 

      Eceizabarrena Pérez, Daniel (2020-07-08)
      Riemann's non-differentiable function is a classic example of a continuous but almost nowheredifferentiable function, whose analytic regularity has been widely studied since it was proposedin the second half of the 19th ...
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      A Machine Learning Model for the Prognosis of Pulseless Electrical Activity during Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest 

      Urteaga Urizarbarrena, Jon; Aramendi Ecenarro, Elisabete ORCID; Elola Artano, Andoni ORCID; Irusta Zarandona, Unai ORCID; Idris, Ahamed (MDPI, 2021-06-30)
      Pulseless electrical activity (PEA) is characterized by the disassociation of the mechanical and electrical activity of the heart and appears as the initial rhythm in 20–30% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) cases. ...
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      A mathematical analysis of EDAs with distance-based exponential models 

      Unanue Gual, Imanol; Merino Maestre, María ORCID; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio ORCID (Springer, 2022)
      Estimation of Distribution Algorithms have been successfully used to solve permutation-based Combinatorial Optimization Problems. In this case, the algorithms use probabilistic models specifically designed for codifying ...
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      A pro-p group with full normal Hausdorff spectra 

      De Las Heras Kerejeta, Iker; Klopsch, Benjamin (Wiley, 2022-01)
      [EN] For each odd prime p, we produce a 2-generated pro-p group G whose normal Hausdorff spectra hspec((sic))(S)(G) = {hdim(G)(S) (H) vertical bar (sic)(c) G} with respect to five standard filtration series S, namely ...
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      A theory of quantale-enriched dcpos and their topologization 

      Gutiérrez García, Javier; Höhle, Ulrich; Kubiak, Tomasz (Elsevier, 2022-09)
      There have been developed several approaches to a quantale-valued quantitative domain theory. If the quantale Q is integral and commutative, then Q-valued domains are Q-enriched, and every Q-enriched domain is sober in ...
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      A Universal Antigen-Ranking Method to Design Personalized Vaccines Targeting Neoantigens against Melanoma 

      Malaina Celada, Iker ORCID; Martínez Fernández, Luis ORCID; Montoya, Juan Manuel; Alonso Alegre, Santos ORCID; Boyano López, María Dolores ORCID; Asumendi Mallea, Aintzane ORCID; Izu Belloso, Rosa María; Sánchez Díez, Ana; Cancho Galán, Goikoane; Martínez de la Fuente Martínez, Ildefonso Abel (MDPI, 2023-01-05)
      Background: The main purpose of this article is to introduce a universal mathematics-aided vaccine design method against malignant melanoma based on neoantigens. The universal method can be adapted to the mutanome of each ...
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      Advanced mathematical modelling of pancreatic B-cells 

      Marinelli, Isabella (2019-12-10)
      [EN*Insulin-secreting pancreatic ß-cells are responsible for maintaining the whole body glucosehomeostasis. Dysfunction or loss of ß-cell mass results in impaired insulin secretion and, in somecases, diabetes. In this ...
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      Advances in Nonlinear Complexity Analysis for Partial Differential Equations 

      Dai, Zhengde; Chang, Qianshun S.; Xu, Lan; Mohyud-Din, Syed Tauseef; Tari, Hafez; Zhu, Peicheng (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2013)
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      Age of Information in a Decentralized Network of Parallel Queues with Routing and Packets Losses 

      Doncel Vicente, Josu ORCID; Assaad, Mohamad (Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences, 2022-02)
      The paper deals with age of information (AoI) in a network of multiple sources and parallel queues with buffering capabilities, preemption in service and losses in served packets. The queues do not communicate between each ...
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      Age of Information of a Server with Energy Requirements 

      Doncel Vicente, Josu ORCID (PeerJ, 2021-03-01)
      We investigate a system with Poisson arrivals to two queues. One queue stores the status updates of the process of interest (or data packets) and the other handles the energy that is required to deliver the updates to the ...
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      Age of Information of Parallel Server Systems with Energy Harvesting 

      Doncel Vicente, Josu ORCID (MDPI, 2021-11-21)
      Motivated by current communication networks in which users can choose different transmission channels to operate and also by the recent growth of renewable energy sources, we study the average Age of Information of a status ...
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      Algorithms for large orienteering problems 

      Kobeaga Urriolabeitia, Gorka ORCID (2021-02-25)
      Tesi lan honetan, tamaina handiko Orientazio Problemak ebazteko algoritmoak garatu ditugu. Orientazio Problema optimizazio konbinatorioko problema bat da: herri multzo bat eta hauen arteko distantzia emanik, herri bakoitzak ...
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      An Uncertainty Principle for Solutions of the Schrödinger Equation on H-Type Groups 

      Fernández Bertolin, Aingeru ORCID; Jaming, Philippe; Pérez-Esteva, Salvador (Cambridge University Press, 2020-04-02)
      In this paper we consider uncertainty principles for solutions of certain partial differential equations on H -type groups. We first prove that, on H -type groups, the heat kernel is an average of Gaussians in the central ...
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      Analysis of an optimal policy in dynamic bipartite matching models 

      Cadas, Arnaud; Doncel Vicente, Josu ORCID; Bušić, Ana (Elsevier, 2022-04)
      [EN] A dynamic bipartite matching model is given by a bipartite matching graph which determines the possible matchings between the various types of supply and demand items. Both supply and demand items arrive to the system ...
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      Analysis of the Refined Mean-Field Approximation for the 802.11 Protocol Model 

      Ispizua, Begoña; Doncel Vicente, Josu ORCID (MDPI, 2022-11-12)
      Mean-field approximation is a method to investigate the behavior of stochastic models formed by a large number of interacting objects. A new approximation was recently established, i.e., the refined mean-field approximation, ...
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      Approximate zero-crossing: a new interpretable, highly discriminative and low-complexity feature for EEG and iEEG seizure detection. 

      Zanetti, Renato; Pale, Una; Teijeiro Campo, Tomás; Atienza Alonso, David (IOP, 2022)
      Objective. Long-term monitoring of people with epilepsy based on electroencephalography (EEG) and intracranial EEG (iEEG) has the potential to deliver key clinical information for personalised epilepsy treatment. More ...
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      Assessment of Biomass Energy Potential and Forest Carbon Stocks in Biscay (Spain) 

      Mateos Sánchez, Esperanza ORCID; Garrido Uriarte, Florencio; Ormaetxea Butrón, Leyre (MDPI, 2016-03)
      The aim of this research is to identify, quantify and characterize the potential available forest biomass of Pinus radiata D. Don and Eucalyptus globulus Labill. across Biscay province in northern Spain. In order to do ...
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      Associative Conditioning Is a Robust Systemic Behavior in Unicellular Organisms: An Interspecies Comparison 

      Carrasco-Pujante, Jose; Bringas Roldán, Carlos; Malaina Celada, Iker ORCID; Fedetz, Maria; Martínez Fernández, Luis ORCID; Pérez-Yarza Pérez-Irezabal, Gorka ORCID; Boyano López, María Dolores ORCID; Berdieva, Mariia; Goodkov, Andrew; López, José I.; Knafo Farhi, Dina Shira; Martínez de la Fuente Martínez, Ildefonso Abel (Frontiers Media, 2021-07-19)
      The capacity to learn new efficient systemic behavior is a fundamental issue of contemporary biology. We have recently observed, in a preliminary analysis, the emergence of conditioned behavior in some individual amoebae ...