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      Diastolic Dysfunction and Exercise Capacity in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome and Overweight/Obesity 

      Alonso Gómez, Ángel María; Tojal Sierra, Lucas; Fortuny Frau, Elena; Goicolea Güemez, Leire; Aboitiz Uribarri, Ane; Portillo Baquedano, María Puy; Toledo, Estefanía; Schröder, Helmut; Salas Salvadó, Jordi; Arós Borau, Luis Fernando (Elsevier, 2019-03)
      Background: Left ventricle diastolic dysfunction (LVDD) is a common finding in high risk individuals, its presence being associated with reduced exercise capacity (EC). We assessed the prevalence of LVDD, applying the 2016 ...