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      NAFTA Itunaren ondorioak Mexikoko ekonomian 

      Franco Arana, Aitor (2016-01-15)
      The objective of this Final Project focuses on explaining how the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has affected the economy of Mexico. To achieve this, we have conducted a documentary research based on analysis ...
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      Structural insights into the ability of nucleoplasmin to assemble and chaperone histone octamers for DNA deposition 

      Franco Arana, Aitor; Arranz, Rocio; Fernández Rivero, Noelia; Velázquez Campoy, Adrián; Martín Benito, Jaime; Segura, Joan; Prado Ruiz, Adelina; Valpuesta, José M.; Muga Villate, Arturo (Nature Publishing Group, 2019-07-01)
      Nucleoplasmin (NP) is a pentameric histone chaperone that regulates the condensation state of chromatin in different cellular processes. We focus here on the interaction of NP with the histone octamer, showing that NP could ...