Esta colección recoge todos los documentos de investigaciones financiadas con el Programa H2020 de la CE.

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    A fluorogenic cyclic peptide for imaging and quantification of drug-induced apoptosis 

    Barth, Nicole D.; Subirós Funosas, Ramón; Mendive Tapia, Lorena; Duffin, Rodger; Shields, Mario A.; Cartwright, Jennifer A.; Troeira Henriques, Sónia; Sot, Jesús; Goñi Urcelay, Felix María; Lavilla, Rodolfo; Marwick, John A.; Vermeren, Sonja; Rossi, Adriano G.; Egeblad, Mikala; Dransfield, Ian; Vendrell, Marc (Nature, 2020-08-12)
    Programmed cell death or apoptosis is a central biological process that is dysregulated in many diseases, including inflammatory conditions and cancer. The detection and quantification of apoptotic cells in vivo is hampered ...
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    A Spanish multispeaker database of esophageal speech 

    Serrano García, Luis; Raman, Sneha; Hernáez Rioja, Inmaculada; Navas Cordón, Eva; Sánchez de la Fuente, Jon; Saratxaga Couceiro, Ibon (Elsevier, 2020-11-05)
    A laryngectomee is a person whose larynx has been removed by surgery, usually due to laryngeal cancer. After surgery, most laryngectomees are able to speak again, using techniques that are learned with the help of a speech ...
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    Maternal Ferritin Levels during Pregnancy and ADHD Symptoms in 4-Year-Old Children: Results from the INMA–INfancia y Medio Ambiente (Environment and Childhood) Prospective Birth Cohort Study 

    Santa Marina Rodríguez, Loreto; Lertxundi Iribar, Nerea; Andiarena Villaverde, Ainara; Irizar Loibide, Amaia; Sunyer, Jordi; Molinuevo, Amaia; Llop, Sabrina; Julvez, Jordi; Beneito, Andrea; Ibarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María; Imaz, Liher; Ferrin, Maite (MDPI, 2020-10-22)
    Ferritin status during prenatal brain development may influence the risk of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms in childhood. We investigated the association of maternal ferritin in pregnancy and ...
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    Holo-Omics: Integrated Host-Microbiota Multi-omics for Basic and Applied Biological Research 

    Nyholm, Lasse; Koziol, Adam; Marcos Basagoiti, Sofia; BoltBotnen, Amanda; Aizpurua Arrieta, Ostaizka; Gopalakrishnan, Shyam; Limborg, Morten T.; Thomas, M.; Gilbert, P.; Alberdi, Antton (Cell Press, 2020-08-21)
    From ontogenesis to homeostasis, the phenotypes of complex organisms are shaped by the bidirectional interactions between the host organisms and their associated microbiota. Current technology can reveal many such interactions ...

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