Esta colección recoge todos los documentos de investigaciones financiadas con el Programa H2020 de la CE.

Recent Submissions

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    Cholangiocarcinoma landscape in Europe: Diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic insights from the ENSCCA Registry 

    Izquierdo Sánchez, Laura; Lamarca, Angela; La Casta, Adelaida; Buettner, Stefan; Utpatel, Kirsten; Klümpen, Heinz-Josef; Adeva, Jorge; Vogel, Arndt; Lleo, Ana; Fabris, Luca; Ponz-Sarvise, Mariano; Brustia, Raffaele; Cardinale, Vincenzo; Braconi, Chiara; Vidili, Gianpaolo; Jamieson, Nigel B.; Macias, Rocio IR.; Jonas, Jan Philipp; Marzioni, Marco; Hołówko, Wacław; Folseraas, Trine; Kupčinskas, Juozas; Sparchez, Zeno; Krawczyk, Marcin; Krupa, Łukasz; Scripcariu, Viorel; Grazi, Gian Luca; Landa Magdalena, Ana; Ijzermans, Jan NM.; Evert, Katja; Erdmann, Joris I.; López-López, Flora; Saborowski, Anna; Scheiter, Alexander; Santos Laso, Álvaro; Carpino, Guido; .Andersen, Jesper B; Marin, Jose JG.; Alvaro, Domenico; Bujanda Fernández de Pierola, Luis; Forner, Alejandro; Valle, Juan W.; Koerkamp, Bas Groot; Bañales Asurmendi, Jesús María ORCID (Elsevier, 2022-05)
    Background & Aims: Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) is a rare and heterogeneous biliary cancer, whose incidence and related mortality is increasing. This study investigates the clinical course of CCA and subtypes (intrahepatic ...
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    Age of Information in a Decentralized Network of Parallel Queues with Routing and Packets Losses 

    Doncel Vicente, Josu ORCID; Assaad, Mohamad (Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences, 2022-02)
    The paper deals with age of information (AoI) in a network of multiple sources and parallel queues with buffering capabilities, preemption in service and losses in served packets. The queues do not communicate between each ...
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    Sustainable Materials and Chemical Processes for Additive Manufacturing 

    Sánchez Rexach, Eva Gloria ORCID; Johnston, Trevor G.; Jehanno, Coralie; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz; Nelson, Alshakim ORCID (ACS, 2020-08-03)
    Additive manufacturing (AM) is energizing the fields of chemistry and materials science to develop new inks for new applications within fields such as aerospace, robotics, and healthcare. AM enables the fabrication of ...
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    3D Printed Bioplastics with Shape-Memory Behavior Based on Native Bovine Serum Albumin 

    Sánchez Rexach, Eva Gloria ORCID; Smith, Patrick T. ORCID; Gómez López, Álvaro ORCID; Fernandez, Maxence ORCID; López Cortajarena, Aitziber ORCID; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz; Nelson, Alshakim ORCID (ACS, 2022-04-19)
    Bio-based plastics that can supplant petroleum-derived materials are necessary to meet the future demands of sustainability in the life cycle of plastic materials. While there are significant efforts to develop protein-based ...

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