Esta colección recoge todos los documentos de investigaciones financiadas con el Programa H2020 de la CE.

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    LSTM based voice conversion for laryngectomees 

    Serrano, Luis; Tavarez Arriba, David; Sarasola, Xabier; Raman, Sneha; Saratxaga Couceiro, Ibon; Navas Cordón, Eva; Hernaez Rioja, Inmmaculada Concepción (International Speech Communication Association, 218-11-23)
    This paper describes a voice conversion system designed withthe aim of improving the intelligibility and pleasantness of oe-sophageal voices. Two different systems have been built, oneto transform the spectral magnitude ...
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    Listening to Laryngectomees: A study of Intelligibility and Self-reportedListening Effort of Spanish Oesophageal Speech 

    Raman, Sneha; Hernaez Rioja, Inmmaculada Concepción; Navas Cordón, Eva; Serrano, Luis (International Speech Communication Association, 2018-11-23)
    Oesophageal speakers face a multitude of challenges, such asdifficulty in basic everyday communication and inability to in-teract with digital voice assistants. We aim to quantify the diffi-culty involved in understanding ...
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    Regularized Neural User Model for Goal-Oriented Spoken Dialogue Systems 

    Serras, Manex; Torres Barañano, María Inés; Del Pozo, Arantza (Springer, 2018-08-02)
    User simulation is widely used to generate artificial dialogues in order to train statistical spoken dialogue systems and perform evaluations. This paper presents a neural network approach for user modeling that exploits ...
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    Tracking the Expression of Annoyance in Call Centers 

    Irastorza, Jon; Torres Barañano, María Inés (Springer, 2018-08-26)
    Machine learning researchers have dealt with the identification of emo- tional cues from speech since it is research domain showing a large number of po- tential applications. Many acoustic parameters have been analyzed ...