Esta colección recoge todos los documentos de investigaciones financiadas con el Programa H2020 de la CE.

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    Catechol-containing acrylic Poly(ionic liquid) Hydrogels as Bioinspired Filters for Water Decontamination 

    Gallastegui, Antonela; Porcarelli, Luca; Palacios, Rodrigo E.; Gómez, M. Lorena; Mecerreyes Molero, David (ACS, 2019-06-13)
    Mussel inspired catechol containing materials have currently drawn great attention as biomaterials, adhesives, surface coating and in bioelectronics, among other applications. In this work, we mimicked the ability of mussels ...
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    Manipulating chemistry through nanoparticle morphology 

    Litti, Lucio; Reguera, Javier; García de Abajo, F. Javier; Meneghetti, Moreno; Liz Marzán, Luis Manuel (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2020-01-01)
    We demonstrate that the protonation chemistry of molecules adsorbed at nanometer distances from the surface of anisotropic gold nanoparticles can be manipulated through the effect of surface morphology on the local proton ...
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    Synucleinopathy alters nanoscale organization anddiffusion in the brain extracellular space throughhyaluronan remodeling 

    Soria Lannes, Federico NIcolás; Paviolo, Chiara; Doudnikoff, Evelyne; Arotcarena, Marie Laure; Lee, Antony; Danné, Noémie; Mandal, Amit Kumar; Gosset, Philippe; Dehay, Benjamin; Groc, Laurent; Cognet, Laurent; Bezard, Erwan (Nature, 2020-07-10)
    In recent years, exploration of the brain extracellular space (ECS) has made remarkable progress, including nanoscopic characterizations. However, whether ECS precise conformation is altered during brain pathology remains ...
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    Subsurface chemical nanoidentification by nano-FTIR spectroscopy 

    Mester, Lars; Govyadinov, Alexander A.; Chen, Shu; Goikoetxea, Monika; Hillenbrand, Rainer (Nature, 2020-07-03)
    Nano-FTIR spectroscopy based on Fourier transform infrared near-field spectroscopy allows for label-free chemical nanocharacterization of organic and inorganic composite surfaces. The potential capability for subsurface ...

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