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    Barriers to ecological restoration in Europe: expert perspectives 

    Cortina-Segarra, J.; García-Sánchez, I.; Grace, M.; Andrés, P.; Baker, S.; Bullock, C.; Decleer, K.; Dicks, L.V.; Fisher, J.K.; Frouz, J.; Klimkowska, A.; Kyriazopoulos, A.P.; Moreno-Mateos, D.; Rodríguez-González, P.M.; Sarkki, S.; Ventocilla, J.L. (RESTORATION ECOLOGY, 2021)
    Ecological restoration is key to counteracting anthropogenic degradation of biodiversity and to reducing disaster risk. However, there is limited knowledge of barriers hindering the wider implementation of restoration ...
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    Biodiversity and the challenge of pluralism 

    Pascual, U.; Adams, W.M.; Díaz, S.; Lele, S.; Mace, G.M.; Turnhout, E. (Nature Sustainability, 2021)
    The lack of progress in reversing the declining global trend in biodiversity is partly due to a mismatch between how living nature is conceived and valued by the conservation movement on the one hand, and by many different ...
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    Challenges in the harmonisation of global integrated assessment models: A comprehensive methodology to reduce model response heterogeneity 

    Giarola, S.; Mittal, S.; Vielle, M.; Perdana, S.; Campagnolo, L.; Delpiazzo, E.; Bui, H.; Kraavi, A.A.; Kolpakov, A.; Sognnaes, I.; Peters, G.; Hawkes, A.; Köberle, A.C.; Grant, N.; Gambhir, A.; Nikas, A.; Doukas, H.; Moreno, J.; van de Ven, D.-J. (SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 2021)
    Harmonisation sets the ground to a solid inter-comparison of integrated assessment models. A clear and transparent harmonisation process promotes a consistent interpretation of the modelling outcomes divergences and, ...
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    Factors affecting energy-efficiency investment in the hotel industry: survey results from Spain 

    López-Bernabé, E.; Foudi, S.; Galarraga, I. (Energy Efficiency, 2021)
    Increasing energy efficiency is a major way of saving energy and thus reducing energy expenses. However, adoption of energy efficiency is generally low, as demonstrated by the energy efficiency gap. To understand that gap, ...

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