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    Systematic cycle life assessment of a secondary zinc–air battery as a function of the alkaline electrolyte composition 

    Mainar, Aroa R.; Iruin, Elena; Colmenares, Luis C.; Blázquez, J. Alberto; Grande, Hans-Jürgen (Society of Chemical Industry and John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2018-05-30)
    Development of secondary zinc-air batteries goes through a proper specification of the electrolyte formulation adapted to extend the cycle life of the battery. However, defining an optimal formulation is not a trivial work ...
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    All-in-One Gel-Based Electrochromic Devices: Strengths and Recent Developments 

    Alesanco, Yolanda; Viñuales, Ana; Rodriguez, Javier; Tena-Zaera, Ramón (, 2018-03-10)
    Electrochromic devices (ECDs) have aroused great interest because of their potential applicability in displays and smart systems, including windows, rearview mirrors, and helmet visors. In the last decades, different ...
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    An overview of progress in electrolytes for secondary zinc-air batteries and other storage systems based on zinc 

    Mainar, Aroa R.; Iruin, Elena; Colmenares, Luis C.; Kvasha, Andriy; de Meatza, Iratxe; Bengoechea, Miguel; Leonet, Olatz; Boyano, Iker; Zhang, Zhengcheng; Blazquez, J. Alberto (Elsevier, 2017-01-11)
    The revived interest and research on the development of novel energy storage systems with exceptional inherent safety, environmentally benign and low cost for integration in large scale electricity grid and electric vehicles ...
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    Fully Biodegradable Biocomposites with High Chicken Feather Content 

    Aranberri, Ibon; Montes, Sarah; Azcune, Itxaso; Rekondo, Alaitz; Grande, Hans-Jürgen (MDPI, 2017-11-09)
    The aim of this work was to develop new biodegradable polymeric materials with high loadings of chicken feather (CF). In this study, the effect of CF concentration and the type of biodegradable matrix on the physical, ...

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