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    Effect of Post-Processing Treatment on Fatigue Performance of Ti6Al4V Alloy Manufactured by Laser Powder Bed Fusion 

    Mancisidor, Ane Miren; García-Blanco, María Belén; Quintana, Iban; Arrazola, Pedro José; Espinosa, Elixabete; Cuesta, Mikel; Albizuri Irigoyen, Joseba ORCID; Garciandia, Fermin (MDPI, 2023-06-22)
    Fatigue properties of parts are of particular concern for safety-critical structures. It is well-known that discontinuities in shape or non-uniformities in materials are frequently a potential nucleus of fatigue failure. ...
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    Enhanced Biodegradability in Soil of Chicken Feather by Steam Explosion for Potential Application in Agricultural Biodegradable Plastics 

    Vadillo, Julen; Montes, Sarah; Grande, Hans-Jürgen; Verstichel, Steven; Almqvist, Jonna; Wrzesniewska-Tosik, Krystyna (MDPI, 2023-09-08)
    Feather waste is a major issue from an economic and environmental point of view. Even though there are already routes for the valorisation of feathers into fertilisers and feather meal, these are considered to have low ...
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    A practical perspective on the potential of rechargeable Mg batteries 

    Blázquez, J. Alberto; Maça, Rudi R.; Leonet, Olatz; Azaceta, Eneko; Mukherjee, Ayan; Zhao-Karger, Zhirong; Li, Zhenyou; Kovalevsky, Aleksey; Fernandez-Barquin, Ana; Mainar, Aroa R.; Jankowski, Piotr; Rademacher, Laurin; Dey, Sunita; Dutton, Sian E.; Grey, Clare P.; Drews, Janina; Hacker, Joachim; Danner, Timo; Latz, Arnulf; Sotta, Dane; Palacin, M. Rosa; Martin, Jean-Frederic; García Lastra, Juan Maria; Fichtner, Maximilian; Kundu, Sumana; Kraytsberg, Alexander; Ein-Eli, Yair; Noked, Malachi; Aurbach, Doron (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2023-04-14)
    Emerging energy storage systems based on abundant and cost-effective materials are key to overcome the global energy and climate crisis of the 21st century. Rechargeable Magnesium Batteries (RMB), based on Earth-abundant ...
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    High performance carbon free bifunctional air electrode for advanced zinc-air batteries 

    Ramos Mainar, Aroa; Blázquez, José Alberto; Frattini, Domenico; Enterría, Marina; Ortiz-Vitoriano, Nagore; Urdampilleta, Idoia; Grande, Hans-Jürgen (Elsevier Ltd, 2023-04-01)
    Secondary zinc-air batteries (ZABs) offer a promising alternative for the future of sustainable energy storage. However, the current capability of secondary ZABs is far from satisfactory. The limitations for achieving high ...

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