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    Build-To-Specification Vanillin and Phloroglucinol Derived Biobased Epoxy-Amine Vitrimers 

    Genua, Aratz; Montes, Sarah; Azcune, Itxaso; Rekondo, Alaitz; Malburet, Samuel; Daydé-Cazals, Bénédicte; Graillot, Alain (MDPI, 2020-10-22)
    Epoxy resins are widely used in the composite industry due to their dimensional stability, chemical resistance, and thermo-mechanical properties. However, these thermoset resins have important drawbacks. (i) The vast ...
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    Capacity and Impedance Estimation by Analysing and Modeling in Real Time Incremental Capacity Curves 

    Oyarbide, Mikel; Arrinda, Mikel; Sánchez, Denis; Macicior, Haritz; McGahan, Paul; Hoedemaekers, Erik; Cendoya, Iosu (MDPI, 2020-09-16)
    The estimation of lithium ion capacity fade and impedance rise on real application is always a challenging work due to the associated complexity. This work envisages the study of the battery charging profile indicators ...
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    Improved Thermal Insulating Properties of Renewable Polyol Based Polyurethane Foams Reinforced with Chicken Feathers 

    Aranberri, Ibon; Montes, Sarah; Wesołowska, Ewa; Rekondo, Alaitz; Wrzesniewska-Tosik, Krystyna; Grande, Hans-Jürgen (MDPI, 2019-12-03)
    In the present work, sustainable rigid polyurethane foams (RPUF) reinforced with chicken feathers (CF) were prepared and characterized. The bio-based polyol used to formulate the foams was obtained from castor oil. This ...
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    Paving the way for a wider use of composites in railway industry 

    Gomez-Fernandez, Sandra; Jubete, Elena; Lopez, Blai; Navarro, Arsenio; Roig, Inma; Ritter, Klaus; Storz, Christof; Gogibus, Nicolas; Rekondo, Alaitz (Springer International Publishing, 2019-05-13)
    Different types of phosphorus containing halogen-free flame retardants (FRs) were added to an epoxy-dicyandiamide resin formulation in order to study to which extent they affect its glass transition temperature (Tg), tensile ...

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