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    Catalytic performance of a new 1D Cu(II) coordination polymer {Cu(NO3)(H2O)}(HTae)(4,4'-Bpy) 

    Serrano Larrea, Edurne; Fernández de Luis, Roberto; Iglesias, Marta; Arriortua Marcaida, María Isabel (2017-03)
    There has been extensive interest in the synthesis and design of new porous coordination polymers [1] because of their potential applicability in different areas. One interesting crystal engineering approach to construct ...
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    Stability study of MOF@IL composite materials 

    Serrano Larrea, Edurne; Fernández de Luis, Roberto; Fidalgo Marijuan, Arkaitz; Martínez-Doñate, Ander; González-Santacruz, Nicolás; Lopes, A. Catarina; Arriortua Marcaida, María Isabel (2017-03)
    Metal-organic frameworks (MOF) offer unique advantages for many applications due to their ordered structures, high thermal stability, tunable chemical functionality, ultra-high porosity and the availability of hundreds ...
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    Catalytic Performance of a New 1D Cu(II) Coordination Polymer {Cu(NO3)(H2O)}(HTae)(4,40-Bpy) for Knoevenagel Condensation 

    Serrano Larrea, Edurne; Fernández de Luis, Roberto; Arriortua Marcaida, María Isabel (MDPI, 2016-12-01)
    The {Cu(NO3)(H2O)}(HTae)(4,40-Bpy) (H2Tae = 1,1,2,2-tetraacetylethane, 4,40-Bpy = 4,40-Dipyridyl) 1D coordination polymer has been obtained by slow evaporation. The crystal structure consists of parallel and oblique ...
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    Scalable synthetic method for IT-SOFCs compounds 

    Wain Martin, Aritza; Morán Ruiz, Aroa; Vidal García, Karmele; Larrañaga Varga, Aitor; Arriortua Marcaida, María Isabel (2016-07-15)
    Economically competitive SOFC systems appear ready for commercialization, but widespread market penetration will require a broad inventory of key starting materials and fabrication processes to enhance systems and reduce ...

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