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      The impact of technological progress on the labor market: employment polarization in Europe 

      Fernández Carmona, Ander (2019)
      Following findings of recent literature, we analyze which are the main effects of the routine-bias technical change on employment. The master thesis shows evidence of employment polarization pattern for 16 European countries ...
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      Public and private interest politics 

      Miguélez García, Alba (2019)
      This paper analyses the factors that influence politicians to enter politics. The objective of the project is to examine if the main motivation of politicians to enter politics is public interest or private interest. In ...
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      Intelligibility and Listening Effort of Spanish Oesophageal Speech 

      Raman, Sneba; Serrano, Luis; Winneke, Axel; Navas Cordón, Eva; Hernaez Rioja, Inmaculada Concepción (MDPI, 2019-08)
      Communication is a huge challenge for oesophageal speakers, be it for interactions with fellow humans or with digital voice assistants. We aim to quantify these communication challenges (both human-human and human-machine ...
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      On the Recovery of PLP-Molar Mass Distribution at High Laser Frequencies: A Simulation Study 

      Hamzehlou, Shaghayegh; Aboudzadeh, Ali; Reyes, Yuri (MDPI, 2019-08)
      Due to the inherent difficulties in determination of the degree of branching for polymers produced in pulsed laser polymerization (PLP) experiments, the behavior of the degree of branching and backbiting reaction in high ...