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      Influence of 4f filling on electronic and magnetic properties of rare earth-Au surface compounds 

      Fernández Gubieda Ruiz, María Luisa; Blanco Rey, María; Castrillo Bodero, R.; Ilyn, M.; Ali, K.; Turco, E.; Corso, M.; Ormaza, M.; Gargiani, P.; Valbuena, M. A.; Mugarza, A.; Moras, P.; Sheverdyaeva, P. M.; Kundu, Asish K.; Jugovac, M.; Laubschat, C.; Ortega, J. E.; Schiller, F. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2020-11-21)
      One-atom-thick rare-earth/noble metal (RE-NM) compounds are attractive materials to investigate two-dimensional magnetism, since they are easy to synthesize into a common RE-NM2 structure with high crystal perfection. Here ...