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      Cities4ZERO: Overcoming Carbon Lock-in in Municipalities through Smart Urban Transformation Processes 

      Urrutia Azcona, Koldo; Tatar, Merit; Molina Costa, Patricia; Flores Abascal, Iván (MDPI, 2020-04-28)
      How can local authorities effectively address the decarbonization of urban environments in the long run? How would their interests and expertise be aligned into an integrated approach towards decarbonization? This paper ...
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      ENER-BI: Integrating Energy and Spatial Data for Cities’ Decarbonisation Planning 

      Urrutia Azcona, Koldo; Usobiaga Ferrer, Elena; De Agustín Camacho, Pablo; Molina Costa, Patricia; Benedito Bordonau, Mauricia; Flores Abascal, Iván (MDPI, 2021-01-04)
      Given the current climate emergency, our planet is suffering. Mitigation measures must be urgently deployed in urban environments, which are responsible for more than 70% of global CO2 emissions. In this sense, a deeper ...
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      Energy, Environmental and Economic Analysis of Air-to-Air Heat Pumps as an Alternative to Heating Electrification in Europe 

      Eguiarte, Olaia; Garrido Marijuán, Antonio; De Agustín Camacho, Pablo; Del Portillo Valdés, Luis Alfonso; Romero Amorrortu, Ander (MDPI, 2020-08-01)
      Heat pumps (HP) are an efficient alternative to non-electric heating systems (NEHS), being a cost-effective mean to support European building sector decarbonization. The paper studies HP and NEHS performance in residential ...
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      European Cities in the Energy Transition: A Preliminary Analysis of 27 Cities 

      Villamor Lomas, Estitxu; Akizu Gardoki, Ortzi; Azurza Zubizarreta, Olatz; Urkidi Azkarraga, Leire; Campos Celador, Alvaro; Basurko, Izaro; Barcena Hynojal, Iñaki Bizente (MDPI, 2020-03-12)
      Nowadays, there is a wide scientific consensus about the unsustainability of the current energy system and at the same time, social awareness about climate change and the IPCC’s goals is increasing in Europe. Amongst ...
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      Experimental Devices to Investigate the Long-Term Stability of Phase Change Materials under Application Conditions 

      Rathgeber, Christoph; Hiebler, Stefan; Bayón, Rocío; Cabeza, Luisa F.; Zsembinszki, Gabriel; Englmair, Gerald; Dannemand, Mark; Diarce Belloso, Gonzalo; Fellmann, Oliver; Ravotti, Rebecca; Groulx, Dominic; Kheirabadi, Ali C.; Gschwander, Stefan; Höhlein, Stephan; König Haagen, Andreas; Beaupere, Noé; Zalewski, Laurent (MDPI, 2020-11-10)
      An important prerequisite to select a reliable phase change material (PCM) for thermal energy storage applications is to test it under application conditions. In the case of solid–liquid PCM, a large amount of thermal ...