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    Statistical Learning and Language Impairments: Toward More Precise Theoretical Accounts 

    Bogaerts, Louisa; Siegelman, Noam; Frost, Ram (Perspectives on Psychological Science, 2021)
    Statistical-learning (SL) theory offers an experience-based account of typical and atypical spoken and written language acquisition. Recent work has provided initial support for this view, tying individual differences in ...
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    Robust Lexically Mediated Compensation for Coarticulation: Christmash Time Is Here Again 

    Luthra, Sahil; Peraza-Santiago, Giovanni; Beeson, Keia’na; Saltzman, David; Crinnion, Anne Marie; Magnuson, James S. (Cognitive Science, 2021)
    A long-standing question in cognitive science is how high-level knowledge is integrated with sensory input. For example, listeners can leverage lexical knowledge to interpret an ambiguous speech sound, but do such effects ...
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    Speech rhythm convergence in a dyadic reading task 

    Cerda-Oñate, Karina; Toledo Vega, Gloria; Ordin, Mikhail (Speech Communication, 2021)
    We tested the effect of co-presence on entrainment to speech rhythm, examining differences in speech rhythm convergence during a reading task, in conditions where the reading partner was present or absent. Speech rhythm ...
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    Does orthographic processing emerge rapidly after learning a new script? 

    Fernández-López, María; Marcet, Ana; Perea, Manuel (British Journal of Psychology, 2021)
    Orthographic processing is characterized by location-invariant and location-specific processing (Grainger, 2018): (1) strings of letters are more vulnerable to transposition effects than the strings of symbols in same-different ...

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