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    Learning of goal-relevant and -irrelevant complex visual sequences in human V1 

    Rosenthal, Clive R.; Mallik, Indira; Caballero-Gaudes, Cesar; Sereno, Martin I.; Soto, David (NeuroImage, 2018)
    Learning and memory are supported by a network involving the medial temporal lobe and linked neocortical regions. Emerging evidence indicates that primary visual cortex (i.e., V1) may contribute to recognition memory, but ...
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    Simulations to benchmark time-varying connectivity methods for fMRI 

    Thompson, William Hedley; Richter, Craig Geoffrey; Plavén-Sigray, Pontus; Fransson, Peter (PLOS Computational Biology, 2018)
    There is a current interest in quantifying time-varying connectivity (TVC) based on neuroimaging data such as fMRI. Many methods have been proposed, and are being applied, revealing new insight into the brain’s dynamics. ...
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    On the effects of regional accents on memory and credibility 

    Frances, Candice; Costa, Albert; Baus, Cristina (Acta Psychologica, 2018)
    The information we obtain from how speakers sound—for example their accent—affects how we interpret the messages they convey. A clear example is foreign accented speech, where reduced intelligibility and speaker's social ...
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    Working Memory Deficits After Lesions Involving the Supplementary Motor Area. 

    Cañas, Alba; Juncadella, Montserrat; Lau, Ruth; Gabarrós, Andreu; Hernández, Mireia (Frontiers in Psychology, 2018)
    The Supplementary Motor Area (SMA)—located in the superior and medial aspects of the superior frontal gyrus—is a preferential site of certain brain tumors and arteriovenous malformations, which often provoke the so-called ...

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