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    Voluntary language switching: When and why do bilinguals switch between their languages? 

    de Bruin, Angela; Samuel, Arthur G.; Duñabeitia, Jon Andoni (Journal of Memory and Language, 2018)
    Bilingual language switching has been studied extensively in cued picture naming paradigms, instructing bilinguals when to switch between languages. However, in daily life, bilinguals often switch freely, without ...
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    A Translational Framework of Educational Neuroscience in Learning Disorders 

    Dresler, Thomas; Bugden, Stephanie; Gouet, Camilo; Lallier, Marie; G. Oliveira, Darlene; Pinheiro-Chagas, Pedro; Pires, Ana C.; Wang, Yunqi; Zugarramurdi, Camila; Weissheimer, Janaina (Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, 2018)
    Neuroimaging has undergone enormous progress during the last two and a half decades. The combination of neuroscientific methods and educational practice has become a focus of interdisciplinary research in order to answer ...
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    Recalibration of vocal affect by a dynamic face 

    Baart, Martijn; Vroomen, Jean (Experimental Brain Research, 2018)
    Perception of vocal affect is influenced by the concurrent sight of an emotional face. We demonstrate that the sight of an emotional face also can induce recalibration of vocal affect. Participants were exposed to videos ...
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    Imageability ratings across languages 

    Rofes, Adrià; Zakariás, Lilla; Ceder, Klaudia; Lind, Marianne; Johansson, Monica Blom; Bjekié, Jovana; Fyndanis, Valantis; Gavarró, Anna; Simonsen, Hanne Gram; Hernández Sacristán, Carlos; Kambanaros, Maria; Kuvač Kraljević, Jelena; Martínez-Ferreiro, Silvia; Mavis, İlknur; Méndez Orellana, Carolina; Sör, Ingrid; Lukács, Ágnes; Tunçer, Müge; Vuksanović, Jasmina; Munarriz Ibarrola, Amaia; Pourquie, Marie; Varlokosta, Spyridoula; Howard, David (Behavior Research Methods, 2018)
    Imageability is a psycholinguistic variable that indicates how well a word gives rise to a mental image or sensory experience. Imageability ratings are used extensively in psycholinguistic, neuropsychological, and ...

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