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    A Marine Biodiversity Observation Network for Genetic Monitoring of Hard-Bottom Communities (ARMS-MBON) 

    Obst, Matthias; Exter, Katrina; Allcock, A. Louise; Arvanitidis, Christos; Axberg, Alizz; Bustamante González, María; Cancio Uriarte, Ibon; Carreira Flores, Diego; Chatzinikolaou, Eva; Chatzigeorgiou, Giorgos; Chrismas, Nathan; Clark, Melody S.; Comtet, Thierry; Dailianis, Thanos; Davies, Neil; Deneudt, Klaas; Diaz de Cerio, Oihane; Fortič, Ana; Gerovasileiou, Vasilis; Hablützel, Pascal I.; Keklikoglou, Kleoniki; Kotoulas, Georgios; Lasota, Rafal; Leite, Barbara R.; Loisel, Stéphane; Lévêque, Laurent; Levy, Liraz; Malachowicz, Magdalena; Mavrič, Borut; Meyer, Christopher; Mortelmans, Jonas; Norkko, Joanna; Pade, Nicolas; Power, Anne Marie; Ramšak, Andreja; Reiss, Henning; Solbakken, Jostein; Staehr, Peter A.; Sundberg, Per; Thyrring, Jakob; Troncoso, Jesus S.; Viard, Frédérique; Wenne, Roman; Yperifanou, Eleni Ioanna; Zbawicka, Malgorzata; Pavloudi, Christina (Frontiers Media, 2020-11-30)
    Marine hard-bottom communities are undergoing severe change under the influence of multiple drivers, notably climate change, extraction of natural resources, pollution and eutrophication, habitat degradation, and invasive ...
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    Constellation Loss: Improving the Efficiency of Deep Metric Learning Loss Functions for the Optimal Embedding of Histopathological Images 

    Medela Ayarzaguena, Alfonso; Picón Ruiz, Artzai (Wolters Kluwer, 2020-11-26)
    Background: Deep learning diagnostic algorithms are proving comparable results with human experts in a wide variety of tasks, and they still require a huge amount of well-annotated data for training, which is often non ...
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    High-Harmonic Generation from Spin-Polarised Defects in Solids 

    Mrudul, M. S.; Tancogne-Dejean, Nicolas; Rubio Secades, Angel; Dixit, Gopal (Nature, 2020-01-31)
    The generation of high-order harmonics in gases enabled to probe the attosecond electron dynamics in atoms and molecules with unprecedented resolution. Extending these techniques to solids, which were originally developed ...
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    Overcoming the Exciton Binding Energy in Two-Dimensional Perovskite Nanoplatelets by Attachment of Conjugated Organic Chromophores 

    Gélvez Rueda, María C.; Fridriksson, Magnus B.; Dubey, Rajeev K.; Jager, Wolter F.; Van der Stam, Ward; Grozema, Ferdinand C. (Nature, 2020-04-20)
    In this work we demonstrate a novel approach to achieve efficient charge separation in dimensionally and dielectrically confined two-dimensional perovskite materials. Two-dimensional perovskites generally exhibit large ...

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