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    An estimation of Armington elasticities at the EU-28 level 

    Rueda Gutiérrez, Mikel (2019)
    The Armington substitution elasticity is a key parameter for trade-policy analysis. The purpose of this study then is no other than to re-estimate NEST 11 Armington elasticities making use of the upgraded versions of WIOD ...
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    The economic consequences of the Brexit vote 

    Lizarraga Álvarez, Imanol (2019)
    On June 2016, the British people voted to leave the European Union. This unexpected result provides us with the opportunity to study the impact of the vote on the economy. We replicate the work done by Born et al. (2017) ...
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    Poverty in the Basque Country and poverty reduction measures 

    Romero Matilla, Gonzalo (2019)
    After the Great Recession, there is a wide debate about the implementation of Minimum Income Schemes (MIS) in order to reduce poverty. In this paper, we analyze the evolution of poverty and inequality in the Basque Country ...
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    Analysing energy poverty in Spain 

    Delgado Rubio, Endika (2019)
    In this thesis we study energy poverty in Spain both at the level of concept and reality, using the Spanish family budgets survey for the year 2010. First we introduce the phenomenon of energy poverty analysing lightly its ...