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      Influence of chain topology (cyclic versus linear) on the nucleation and isothermal crystallization of poly(L-lactide) and poly(D-lactide) 

      Zaldua Carazo, Nerea; Liénard, Romain; Josse, Thomas; Zubitur Soroa, María Manuela; Mugica Iztueta, Miren Agurtzane; Iturrospe Ibarra, Amaia; Arbe Méndez, María Aranzazu; De Winter, Julien; Coulembier, Olivier; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús (American Chemical Society, 2018-02-20)
      In this paper, ring closure click chemistry methods have been used to produce cyclic c-PLLA and c-PDLA of a number average molecular weight close to 10 kg/mol. The effects of stereochemistry of the polymer chains and their ...
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      Isomorphic polyoxyalkylenes copolyethers obtained by copolymerization of aliphatic diols 

      Basterrechea Gorostiza, Andere; Gabirondo, Elena; Flores, Irma; Etxeberria Lizarraga, Agustín; González Vives, Alba; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús; Mecerreyes Molero, David; Coulembier, Olivier; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz (American Chemical Society, 2019-05-01)
      Isomorphism in random copolymers occurs when comonomer units can crystallize within a single crystalline lattice in the entire composition range. This ideal behavior is rare in random copolymers and only a few examples of ...
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      Microstructural control suppresses thermal activation of electron transport at room temperature in polymer transistors 

      Luzio, Alessandro; Nuebling, Fritz; Martín Pérez, Jaime; Fazzi, Daniele; Selter, Philipp; Gann, Eliot; McNeill, Christopher R.; Brinkmann, Martin; Hansen, Michael Ryan; Stingelin, Natalie; Sommer, Michael; Caironi, Mario (Nature Publishing Group, 2019-07-29)
      Recent demonstrations of inverted thermal activation of charge mobility in polymer field-effect transistors have excited the interest in transport regimes not limited by thermal barriers. However, rationalization of the ...
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      Non-Isocyanate Polyurethane Soft Nanoparticles Obtained by Surfactant-Assisted Interfacial Polymerization 

      Bossion, Amaury; Jones, Gavin O.; Taton, Daniel; Mecerreyes Molero, David; Hedrick, James J.; Zhan, Yuin Ong; Yi, Yan Yang; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz (ACS, 2017-01-24)
      Polyurethanes (PUs) are considered ideal candidates for drug delivery applications due to their easy synthesis, excellent mechanical properties, and biodegradability. Unfortunately, methods for preparing well-defined PU ...
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      Nucleation and crystallization in bio-based immiscible polyester blends 

      Fenni, Seif Eddine; Cavallo, Dario; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús (Springer, 2019-08-21)
      Bio-based thermoplastic polyesters are highly promising materials as they combine interesting thermal and physical properties and in many cases biodegradability. However, sometimes the best property balance can only be ...
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      Nucleation of Poly(lactide) on the Surface of Different Fibers 

      Wang, Bao; Wen, Tao; Zhang, Xiuqin; Tercjak Sliwinska, Agnieszka; Dong, Xia; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús; Wang, Dujin; Cavallo, Dario (ACS Publications, 2019-08-14)
      The nucleation process of poly(lactide) (PLA) on a series of fibers was studied by means of in-situ Polarized Optical Microscope (POM) during crystallization. Several synthetic and natural fibers (PLLA stereocomplex fibers ...
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      Opportunities for organocatalysis in polymer synthesis via step-growth methods 

      Bossion, Amaury; Heifferon, Katherine V.; Meabe, Leire; Zivic, Nicholas; Taton, Daniel; Hedrick, James; Long, Timothy E.; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz (Elservier, 2019-03-14)
      Organocatalysis has emerged as an invaluable tool for polymer synthesis and has already demonstrated versatility for replacing organometallic catalysts in many polymerization reactions. The overall ease of removal and lower ...
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      Organic-Acid Mediated Bulk Polymerization of e-Caprolactam and Its Copolymerization with e-Caprolactone 

      Sánchez Sánchez, Ana; Basterrechea Gorostiza, Andere; Mantione, Daniele; Etxeberria Lizarraga, Agustín; Elizetxea, Cristina; De la Calle, Amaia; García Arrieta, Sonia; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz; Mecerreyes Molero, David (Wiley, 2016-03-09)
      Polyamides (PA) constitute one of the most important classes of polymeric materials and have gained strong position in different areas, such as textiles, fibers, and construction materials. Whereas most PA are synthesized ...
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      Organocatalyzed Polymerization of PET-mb-poly(oxyhexane) Copolymers and Their Self-Assembly into Double Crystalline Superstructures 

      Flores, Irma; Basterrechea Gorostiza, Andere; Etxeberria Lizarraga, Agustín; González Vives, Alba; Ocando, Connie; Vega, Juan Francisco; Martínez-Salazar, Javier; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús (ACS Publications, 2019-08-30)
      Double crystalline multi-block copolymers exhibit two well-defined melting temperatures associated with the two phases formed by their constituent blocks. The crystalline superstructure formed in these copolymers is complex ...
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      Poly(ionic liquid)-based engineered mixed matrix membranes for CO2/H2 separation 

      Nabais, Ana R.; Martins, Ana P.S.; Alves, Vítor D.; Crespo, João G.; Marrucho, Isabel M.; Tomé, Liliana C.; Neves, Luísa A. (Elsevier, 2019-04-06)
      Poly(ionic liquid)s (PIL) have emerged as a class of versatile polyelectrolites, that can be used to prepare new materials able to achieve superior performances compared to conventional polymers. The combination of PILs ...
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      Poly(ionic liquid)–ionic liquid membranes with fluorosulfonyl derived anions: characterization and biohydrogen separation 

      Gouveia, Andreia S.L.; Malcaitè, Eglè; Lozinskaya, Elena I.; Shapl, Alexander S.; Tomé, Liliana C.; Marrucho, Isabel M. (ACS, 2020-04-21)
      Clean and sustainable energy production has become a key global issue concerning the world’s energy shortage and environmental problematic. Despite the recognized potential of biohydrogen (bioH2) for sustainable development, ...
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      Polyether Synthesis by Bulk Self-Condensation of Diols Catalyzed by Non-eutectic Acid Base Organocatalysts 

      Basterrechea Gorostiza, Andere; Gabirondo, Elena; Jehanno, Coralie; Zhu, Haijin; Flores, Irma; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús; Etxeberria Lizarraga, Agustín; Mecerreyes Molero, David; Coulembier, Olivier; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz (American Chemical Society, 2019-01-25)
      Polyethers constitute a well-established class of polymers covering a wide range of applications from industrial man-ufacturing to nanomedicine. Nevertheless, their industrial implementation is limited to short chain ...
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      Promotion of self-nucleation with latent Form I nuclei in polybutene-1 and its copolymer 

      Wang, Zefan; Dong, Xia; Cavallo, Dario; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús; Wang, Dujin (American Chemical Society, 2018-08-02)
      The formation of Form I nuclei of polybutene-1 (PB-1) and its copolymer with polyethylene (PB1-ran-PE) has been studied by means of modified self-nucleation protocols. Even when the self-nucleation temperature was high ...
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      Reduction of the Lattice Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Semiconductors by Molecular Doping 

      Zapata Arteaga, Osnat; Perevedentsev, Aleksandr; Marina Barbier, Sara Luisa; Martín Pérez, Jaime; Sebastián Reparaz, Juan; Campoy Quiles, Mariano (American Chemical Society, 2020-09-11)
      Here we show that molecular doping of polymer thermoelectrics increases the electrical conductivity while reducing the thermal conductivity. A high-throughput methodology based on annealing and doping gradients within ...
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      Room temperature synthesis of non-isocyanate polyurethanes (NIPUs) using highly reactive N-substituted 8-membered cyclic carbonates 

      Yuen, Alexander; Bossion, Amaury; Gómez Bengoa, Enrique; Ruiperez Cillán, Fernando; Isik, Mehmet; Hedrick, James; Mecerreyes Molero, David; Yi, Yan Yang; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz (RSC, 2016-02-16)
      There is a growing interest to develop green synthetic pathways towards industrially relevant polymers such as polyurethanes without the use of toxic and dangerous isocyanate monomers. The most promising route towards ...
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      ROP and crystallization behaviour of partially renewable triblock aromaticaliphatic copolymers derived from L-lactide 

      Flores, Irma; Martínez de Ilarduya, Antxon; Sardon Muguruza, Haritz; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús; Muñoz-Guerra, Sebastian (Elsevier, 2019-10-26)
      Two series of partially biobased ABA triblock copolyesters were successfully prepared by ring-opening polymerization (ROP) of L-lactide initiated by two telechelic polyester polyols using an organic catalyst. B blocks were ...
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      Segmental Dynamics Govern the Cold Crystallization of Poly(lactic acid) in Nanoporous Alumina 

      Shi, Guangyu; Guan, Yu; Liu, Guoming; Müller Sánchez, Alejandro Jesús; Wang, Dujin (ACS Publications, 2019-09-04)
      How segmental mobility influences the crystallization behavior of polymers in confined spaces is still not fully understood. In the present work, a systematic study of the segmental dynamics was carried out by dielectric ...
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      Single-ion conducting poly(ethylene oxide carbonate) as solid polymer electrolyte for lithium batteries 

      Meabe Iturbe, Leire; Goujon, Nicolas; Li, Chunmei; Armand, Michel; Forsyth, Maria; Mecerreyes Molero, David (Wiley, 2019-09-25)
      Single-ion conducting polymer electrolytes (SIPE) have attracted a lot of interest for application in high energy density lithium metal batteries. SIPEs possess lithium transport numbers close to unity, which does not ...
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      Suppressing Co-Crystallization of Halogenated Non-Fullerene Acceptors for Thermally Stable Ternary Solar Cells 

      Hultmark, Sandra; Paleti, Sri Harish Kumar; Harillo, Albert; Marina Barbier, Sara Luisa; Nugroho, Ferry Anggoro Ardy; Liu, Yanfeng; Ericsson, Leif K. E.; Li, Ruipeng; Martín Pérez, Jaime; Bergqvist, Jonas; Langhammer, Christoph; Zhang, Fengling; Yu, Liyang; Campoy Quiles, Mariano; Moons, Ellen; Baran, Derya; Mueller, Christian (Wiley, 2020-11)
      While photovoltaic blends based on non-fullerene acceptors are touted for their thermal stability, this type of acceptor tends to crystallize, which can result in a gradual decrease in photovoltaic performance and affects ...
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      Synthesis of Redox Polymer Nanoparticles Based on Poly(vinylcatechols) and Their Electroactivity 

      Pirnat, Klemen; Casado Pérez, Nerea; Porcarelli, Luca; Ballard, Nicholas; Mecerreyes Molero, David (American Chemical Society, 2019-11-12)
      Organic materials are being investigated as an alternative to inorganic cathodes in lithium batteries with the promise of higher sustainability as well as increased theoretical capacity. Among organic materials, redox ...