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      Developmental changes associated with cross-language similarity in bilingual children 

      Duñabeitia, Jon Andoni; Ivaz, Lela; Casaponsa, Aina (Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 2016)
      The main goal of the present study was to investigate how the degree of orthographic overlap between translation equivalents influences bilingual word recognition processes at different stages of reading development. ...
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      Self-bias and the emotionality of foreign languages 

      Ivaz, Lela; Griffin, Kim L.; Duñabeitia, Jon Andoni (Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 2019)
      Foreign language contexts impose a relative psychological and emotional distance in bilinguals. In our previous studies, we demonstrated that the use of a foreign language changes the strength of the seemingly automatic ...
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      The Emotional Impact of Being Myself: Emotions and Foreign-Language Processing 

      Ivaz, Lela; Costa, Albert; Duñabeitia, Jon Andoni (Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 2016)
      Native languages are acquired in emotionally rich contexts, whereas foreign languages are typically acquired in emotionally neutral academic environments. As a consequence of this difference, it has been suggested that ...
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      The Spanish General Knowledge Norms 

      Dunabeitia, Jon Andoni; Griffin, Kim L.; Martín, Juan L.; Oliva, Mireia; Sámano, María L.; Ivaz, Lela (Frontiers in Psychology, 2016)
      This study introduces the Spanish adaptation of the General Knowledge Norms first created by Nelson and Narens (1980) and updated by Tauber et al. (2013). Following a procedure akin to that used in preceding studies and ...