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      Agito ergo sum: Correlates of spatio-temporal motion characteristics during fMRI 

      Bolton, Thomas A.W.; Kebets, Valeria; Glerean, Enrico; Zöller, Daniela; Li, Jingwei; Yeo, B.T. Thomas; Caballero-Gaudes, César; Van De Ville, Dimitri (NeuroImage, 2020)
      The impact of in-scanner motion on functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data has a notorious reputation in the neuroimaging community. State-of-the-art guidelines advise to scrub out excessively corrupted frames ...
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      Sparse coupled logistic regression to estimate co-activation and modulatory influences of brain regions 

      Bolton, Thomas A.W.; Uruñuela, Eneko; Tian, Ye; Zalesky, Andrew; Caballero-Gaudes, Cesar; Van De Ville, Dimitri (Journal of Neural Engineering, 2020)
      Accurate mapping of the functional interactions between remote brain areas with resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging requires the quantification of their underlying dynamics. In conventional methodological ...