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      Implementing EEG hyperscanning setups 

      Barraza, Paulo; Dumas, Guillaume; Liu, Huanhuan; Blanco-Gomez, Gabriel; van den Heuvel, Marion I.; Baart, Martijn; Pérez, Alejandro (MethodsX, 2019)
      Hyperscanning refers to obtaining simultaneous neural recordings from more than one person (Montage et al., 2002 [1]), that can be used to study interactive situations. In particular, hyperscanning with Electroencephalography ...
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      The late positive potential (LPP): A neural marker of internalizing problems in early childhood 

      McLean, Mia A.; Van den Bergh, Bea R.H.; Baart, Martijn; Vroomen, Jean; van den Heuvel, Marion I. (International Journal of Psychophysiology, 2020)
      Background: One potentially relevant neurophysiological marker of internalizing problems (anxiety/depressive symptoms) is the late positive potential (LPP), as it is related to processing of emotional stimuli. For the ...