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      Are Sensory-Motor Relationships Encoded ad hoc or by Default?: An ERP Study 

      Morera, Yurena; van der Meij, Maartje; de Vega, Manuel; Barber, Horacio A. (Frontiers in Psychology, 2019)
      In this event-related potentials study we tested whether sensory-motor relations between concrete words are encoded by default or only under explicit ad hoc instructions. In Exp. 1, participants were explicitly asked to ...
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      Exploring the temporal dynamics of speech production with EEG and group ICA 

      Janssen, Niels; van der Meij, Maartje; López-Pérez, Pedro Javier; Barber, Horacio A. (Scientific Reports, 2020)
      Speech production is a complex skill whose neural implementation relies on a large number of different regions in the brain. How neural activity in these different regions varies as a function of time during the production ...