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      Modeling Innovative Power Take-Off Based on Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders Array for Wave Energy Conversion 

      Antolín, Juan Carlos; Cortes, Alain; Cabanes Axpe, Itziar; Estensoro, Patxi; Lasa, Joseba; Marcos Muñoz, Margarita (MDPI, 2015-03)
      One of the key systems of a Wave Energy Converter for extraction of wave energy is the Power Take-Off (PTO) device. This device transforms the mechanical energy of a moving body into electrical energy. This paper describes ...
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      Virtual Sensor for Kinematic Estimation of Flexible Links in Parallel Robots 

      Bengoa Ganado, Pablo; Zubizarreta Pico, Asier; Cabanes Axpe, Itziar; Mancisidor Barinagarrementeria, Aitziber; Pinto Cámara, Charles Richard; Mata Cantón, Sara (MDPI, 2017-09)
      The control of flexible link parallel manipulators is still an open area of research, endpoint trajectory tracking being one of the main challenges in this type of robot. The flexibility and deformations of the limbs make ...
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      Virtual Sensors For Advanced Controllers In Rehabilitation Robotics 

      Mancisidor Barinagarrementeria, Aitziber; Zubizarreta Pico, Asier; Cabanes Axpe, Itziar; Portillo Pérez, Eva; Jung, Je Hyung (MDPI, 2018-03-05)
      In order to properly control rehabilitation robotic devices, the measurement of interaction force and motion between patient and robot is an essential part. Usually, however, this is a complex task that requires the use ...
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      Virtual Sensors for On-line Wheel Wear and Part Roughness Measurement in the Grinding Process 

      Arriandiaga Laresgoiti, Ander; Portillo Pérez, Eva; Sánchez Galíndez, José Antonio; Cabanes Axpe, Itziar; Pombo Rodilla, Iñigo (MDPI, 2014-05)
      Grinding is an advanced machining process for the manufacturing of valuable complex and accurate parts for high added value sectors such as aerospace, wind generation, etc. Due to the extremely severe conditions inside ...