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      Multioperation capacity of parallel manipulators basing on generic kinematic chain approach 

      Ibarreche Mendia, José ignacio; Hernández Frías, Alfonso; Petuya Arcocha, Víctor; Urizar Arana, Mónica; Macho Mier, Erik (Elsevier, 2017-06-07)
      The idea of designing multioperation mechanisms capable of performing different tasks has gained prominence in the last years. These mechanisms, commonly called reconfig- urable mechanisms, have the ability to change their ...
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      Structural Synthesis of 3-DoF Spatial Fully Parallel Manipulators 

      Hernández Frías, Alfonso; Ibarreche Mendia, José ignacio; Petuya Arcocha, Víctor; Altuzarra Maestre, Oscar (Intech Europe, 2014-07-16)
      In this paper, the architectures of three degrees of freedom (3-DoF) spatial, fully parallel manipulators (PMs), whose limbs are structurally identical, are obtained systematically. To do this, the methodology followed ...