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      Behavior of hyperreflective foci in non- infectious uveitic macular edema, a 12- month follow-up prospective study 

      Berasategui, Bárbara; Fonollosa Calduch, Alejandro; Artaraz Beobide, Joseba Iñaki; Ruiz Arruza, Ioana; Ríos, José; Matas, Jessica; Llorenç, Victor; Diaz-Valle, David; Sastre-Ibañez, Marina; Arriola-Villalobos, Pedro; Adan, Alfredo (Biomed Central, 2018-07-20)
      Background: Hyperreflective foci have been described in OCT imaging of patients with retinal vascular diseases. It has been suggested that they may play a role as a prognostic factor of visual outcomes in these diseases. ...
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      Predictors for functional and anatomic outcomes in macular edema secondary to non-infectious uveitis 

      Matas, Jessica; Llorenç, Victor; Fonollosa Calduch, Alejandro; Esquinas, Cristina; Diaz-Valle, David; Berasategui, Bárbara; Mesquida, Marina; Artaraz Beobide, Joseba Iñaki; Ríos, José; Adan, Alfredo (Public Library Science, 2019-01-24)
      Aims We aimed to investigate predictive factors for visual and anatomic outcomes in patients with macular edema secondary to non-infectious uveitis. Material and methods We conducted a multicenter, prospective, ...