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      A Dialogue-Act Taxonomy for a Virtual Coach Designed to Improve the Life of Elderly 

      Montenegro Portillo, César; López Zorrilla, Asier; Olaso Fernández, Javier Mikel; Santana Hermida, Roberto; Justo Blanco, Raquel; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio; Torres Barañano, María Inés (MDPI, 2019-07-11)
      This paper presents a dialogue act taxonomy designed for the development of a conversational agent for elderly. The main goal of this conversational agent is to improve life quality of the user by means of coaching sessions ...
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      A Review of Estimation of Distribution Algorithms in Bioinformatics 

      Armañanzas Arnedillo, Rubén; Inza Cano, Iñaki; Santana Hermida, Roberto; Saeys, Yvan; Flores Barroso, Jose Luis; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio; Van de Peer, Yves; Blanco, Rosa; Robles Forcada, Víctor; Bielza, Concha; Larrañaga Múgica, Pedro (Biomed Central, 2008-09-11)
      Evolutionary search algorithms have become an essential asset in the algorithmic toolbox for solving high-dimensional optimization problems in across a broad range of bioinformatics problems. Genetic algorithms, the most ...
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      Differential Micro RNA Expression in PBMC from Multiple Sclerosis Patients 

      Otaegui Bichot, David; Baranzini, Sergio E.; Armañanzas Arnedillo, Rubén; Calvo Molinos, Borja; Muñoz-Culla, Maider; Khankhanian, Puya; Inza Cano, Iñaki; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio; Castillo Triviño, Tamara; Asensio, Ana; Olaskoaga, Javier; López de Munain Arregui, Adolfo José (Public Library of Science, 2009-07-20)
      Differences in gene expression patterns have been documented not only in Multiple Sclerosis patients versus healthy controls but also in the relapse of the disease. Recently a new gene expression modulator has been identified: ...
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      Mateda-2.0: Estimation of Distribution Algorithms in MATLAB 

      Santana Hermida, Roberto; Bielza, Concha; Larrañaga, Pedro; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio; Echegoyen, Carlos; Mendiburu Alberro, Alexander; Armañanzas Arnedillo, Rubén; Shakya, Siddartha (Journal of Statistical Software, UCLA Dept. Statistics, 2010-07)
      This paper describes Mateda-2.0, a MATLAB package for estimation of distribution algorithms (EDAs). This package can be used to solve single and multi-objective discrete and continuous optimization problems using EDAs based ...
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      Prioritization of candidate cancer genes-an aid to oncogenomic studies 

      Furney, Simon J.; Calvo Molinos, Borja; Larrañaga, Pedro; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio; López Bigas, Nuria (Oxford University Press, 2008-10)
      The development of techniques for oncogenomic analyses such as array comparative genomic hybridization, messenger RNA expression arrays and mutational screens have come to the fore in modern cancer research. Studies utilizing ...
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      Two Datasets of Defect Reports Labeled By a Crowd of Annotators of Unknown Reliability 

      Hernández González, Jerónimo; Rodríguez, Daniel; Inza Cano, Iñaki; Harrison, Rachel; Lozano Alonso, José Antonio (Elsevier, 2018-06)
      Classifying software defects according to any defined taxonomy is not straightforward. In order to be used for automatizing the classification of software defects, two sets of defect reports were collected from public issue ...