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      The Efficacy of Whole Human Genome Capture on Ancient Dental Calculus and Dentin 

      Ziesemer, Kirsten A.; Ramos Madrigal, Jazmín; Mann, Allison E.; Brandt, Bernd W.; Sankaranarayanan, Krithivasan; Ozga, Andrew T.; Hoogland, Menno; Hofman, Courtney A.; Salazar García, Domingo Carlos; Frohlich, Bruno; Milner, George R.; Stone, Anne C.; Aldenderfer, Mark; Lewis, Cecil M.; Hofman, Corinne L.; Warinner, Christina; Schroeder, Hannes (Wiley, 2019-03)
      Objectives Dental calculus is among the richest known sources of ancient DNA in the archaeological record. Although most DNA within calculus is microbial, it has been shown to contain sufficient human DNA for the targeted ...