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      Bee-Plant Relationship in Early Childhood: A Study through the Analysis of Children’s Drawings 

      Rodríguez Loinaz, Gloria; Toral, Naiara; Palacios Agundez, Igone (MDPI, 2018-10-30)
      Bees play a key role for humans, since crops pollination relies heavily on them. However, bees’ population is diminishing dramatically. Therefore, conservation actions are needed to protect them, including educational ones. ...
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      Identifying Green Infrastructure as a Basis for an Incentive Mechanism at the Municipality Level in Biscay (Basque Country) 

      Rodríguez Loinaz, Gloria; Peña López, Lorena; Palacios Agundez, Igone; Ametzaga Arregi, Ibone; Onaindia Olalde, Miren (MDPI, 2018-01-10)
      The contributions of green infrastructure (GI) to human well-being have been widely recognised; however, pathways for its systematic implementation are missing. Local governments can play a crucial role in the conservation ...
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      Uncovering Ecosystem Service Bundles through Social Preferences 

      Martín López, Berta; Iniesta Arandia, Irene; García Llorente, Marina; Palomo, Ignacio; Casado Arzuaga, Izaskun; García del Amo, David; Gómez Baggethun, Erik; Oteros Rozas, Elisa; Palacios Agundez, Igone; Willaarts, Bárbara; González, José A.; Santos Martín, Fernando; Onaindia Olalde, Miren; López Santiago, Cesar; Montes, Carlos (Public Library of Science, 2012-06-18)
      Ecosystem service assessments have increasingly been used to support environmental management policies, mainly based on biophysical and economic indicators. However, few studies have coped with the social-cultural dimension ...