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      Effects Of Human-Driven Water Stress on River Ecosystems: a Meta-Analysis 

      Sabater, Sergi; Bregoli, Francesco; Acuña Salazar, Vicenç; Barceló, Damià; Elosegi Irurtia, Arturo; Ginebreda, Antoni; Marcé, Rafael; Muñoz, Isabel; Sabater Liesa, Laia; Ferreira, Verónica (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-07-30)
      Human appropriation of water resources may induce water stress in freshwater ecosystems when ecosystem needs are not met. Intensive abstraction and regulation cause river ecosystems to shift towards non-natural flow regimes, ...
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      Global pressures, specific responses: effects of nutrient enrichment in streams from different biomes 

      Artigas, Joan; García-Berthou, Emili; Bauer, Delia E.; Castro, María I.; Cochero, Joaquín; Colautti, Darío C.; Cortelezzi, Agustina; Donato, John C.; Elosegi Irurtia, Arturo; Feijoó, Claudia; Giorgi, Adonis; Gómez, Nora; Leggieri, Leonardo; Muñoz, Isabel; Rodrigues-Capítulo, Alberto; Romaní, Anna M.; Sabater, Sergi (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 2013-01-09)
      We assessed the effects of nutrient enrichment on three stream ecosystems running through distinct biomes (Mediterranean, Pampean and Andean). We increased the concentrations of N and P in the stream water 1.6–4-fold ...
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      Immediate and Legacy Effects of Urban Pollution on River Ecosystem Functioning: a Mesocosm Experiment 

      Pereda Iriondo, Olatz; Acuña Salazar, Vicenç; Von Schiller Calle, Daniel Gaspar; Sabater, Sergi; Elosegi Irurtia, Arturo (Elsevier, 2019-03)
      Effluents from urban wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) consist of complex mixtures of substances that can affect processes in the receiving ecosystems. Some of these substances (toxic contaminants) stress biological ...