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      Relapse patterns and outcome after relapse in standard risk medulloblastoma: a report from the HIT-SIOP-PNET4 study 

      Sabel, Magnus; Fleischhack, Gudrun; Tippelt, Stephan; Gustafsson, Göran; Doz, François; Kortmann, Rolf; Massimino, Maura; Navajas Gutiérrez, Aurora; Von Hoff, Katja; Rutkowski, Stefan; Warmuth-Metz, Monika; Clifford, Steven C.; Pietsch, Torsten; Pizer, Barry; Lannering, Birgitta; SIOP-E Brain Tumour Group (Springer, 2016-09)
      The HIT-SIOP-PNET4 randomised trial for standard risk medulloblastoma (MB) (2001-2006) included 338 patients and compared hyperfractionated and conventional radiotherapy. We here report the long-term outcome after a median ...