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      Stable Isotopes Reveal Patterns of Diet And Mobility in the Last Neandertals and First Modern Humans in Europe 

      Wissing, Christoph; Rougier, Helene; Baumann, Chris; Comeyne, Alexander; Crevecoeur, Isabelle; Drucker, Dorothee G.; Gaudzinski Windheuser, Sabine; Germonpre, Mietje; Gómez Olivencia, Asier; Krause, Johannes; Matthies, Tim; Naito, Yuichi I.; Posth, Cosimo; Semal, Patrick; Street, Martin; Bocherens, Herve (Nature Publishing Group, 2019-03-14)
      Correlating cultural, technological and ecological aspects of both Upper Pleistocene modern humans (UPMHs) and Neandertals provides a useful approach for achieving robust predictions about what makes us human. Here we ...