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      An anomaly in quantum phases induced by borders 

      Jing, Jun; Guidry, Mike; Wu, Lianao (Nature, 2020-04-24)
      The stationary behavior of a quantum system is determined by its Hamiltonian and its boundary conditions. All quantum phase transitions (QPT) reported previously were induced by changing the Hamiltonian. In a circular spin ...
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      An Exact Approach to Elimination of Leakage in a Qubit Embedded in a Three-level System 

      Sun, Yifan; Zhang, Jun-Yi; Wu, Lianao (Nature, 2019-07-30)
      Leakage errors damage a qubit by coupling it to other levels. Over the years, several theoretical approaches to dealing with such errors have been developed based on perturbation arguments. Here we propose a different ...
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      Fault-tolerant almost exact state transmission 

      Wang, Zhao-Ming; Wu, Lianao; Modugno, Michele; Yao, Wang; Shao, Bin (Nature Publishing Group, 2013-11)
      We show that a category of one-dimensional XY-type models may enable high-fidelity quantum state transmissions, regardless of details of coupling configurations. This observation leads to a fault-tolerant design of a state ...
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      High- fi delity non-adiabatic cutting and stitching of a spin chain via local control 

      Pyshkin, P. V.; Sherman, Evgeny; You, J. Q.; Wu, Lianao (IOP Publishing, 2018-10-18)
      We propose and analyze, focusing on non-adiabatic effects, a technique of manipulating quantum spin systems based on local 'cutting' and 'stitching' of the Heisenberg exchange coupling between the spins. This first operation ...
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      Nonperturbative dynamical decoupling with random control 

      Wu, Lianao; Bishop, C.Allen; Jing, Jun (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-08-29)
      Parametric fluctuations or stochastic signals are introduced into the rectangular pulse sequence to investigate the feasibility of random dynamical decoupling. In a large parameter region, we find that the out-of-order ...
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      Symmetry restoration and quantumness reestablishment 

      Zeng, Guo-Mo; Wu, Lianao; Xing, Hai-Jun (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-09-18)
      A realistic quantum many-body system, characterized by a generic microscopic Hamiltonian, is accessible only through approximation methods. The mean field theories, as the simplest practices of approximation methods, ...
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      Trotterized adiabatic quantum simulation and its application to a simple all-optical system 

      Sun, Yifan; Zhang, Jun-Yi; Byrd, Mark S; Wu, Lianao (2020-05)
      As first proposed for the adiabatic quantum information processing by Wu et al (2002 Phys. Rev. Lett. 89 057904), the Trotterization technique is a very useful tool for universal quantum computing, and in particular, the ...