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    An inclusive typology of values for navigating transformations towards a just and sustainable future 

    Raymond, C.M.; Anderson, C.B.; Athayde, S.; Vatn, A.; Amin, A.M.; Arias-Arévalo, P.; Christie, M.; Cantú-Fernández, M.; Gould, R.K.; Himes, A.; Kenter, J.O.; Lenzi, D.; Muraca, B.; Murali, R.; O'Connor, S.; Pascual, U.; Sachdeva, S.; Samakov, A.; Zent, E. (Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 2023-10-10)
    Achieving the intertwined goals of justice and sustainability requires transformative changes to meaningfully engage diverse perspectives. Therefore, scholars and policymakers need new ways of recognising and addressing ...
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    Transport poverty indicators: A new framework based on the household budget survey 

    Alonso-Epelde, E.; García-Muros, X.; González-Eguino, M. (Energy Policy, 2023-10-01)
    The energy transition represents an economic opportunity in many countries, but it can also disproportionately affect vulnerable households. Although increasing attention has been paid on energy poverty at homes, there is ...
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    Fire risk modeling: An integrated and data-driven approach applied to Sicily 

    Marquez Torres, A.; Signorello, G.; Kumar, S.; Adamo, G.; Villa, F.; Balbi, S. (Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 2023-09-06)
    Wildfires are key not only to landscape transformation and vegetation succession, but also to socio-ecological values loss. Fire risk mapping can help to manage the most vulnerable and relevant ecosystems impacted by ...
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    Can we estimate the impact of small targeted dietary changes on human health and environmental sustainability? 

    Ortenzi, F.; McAuliffe, G.A.; Leroy, F.; Nordhagen, S.; van Vliet, S.; del Prado, A; Beal, T. (Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 2023-09-01)
    A recent analysis by Stylianou et al. (2021) estimated the impact of small dietary changes in the consumption of individual foods on human health and the environment, expressed as minutes of healthy life lost or gained ...

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