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      Balancing the 2 Hemispheres in Simple Calculation: Evidence From Direct Cortical Electrostimulation 

      Semenza, C.; Salillas, E.; De Pallegrin, S.; Della Puppa, A. (Cerebral Cortex, 2017)
      How do the parietal lobes contribute to simple calculation? Clinical and neuroimaging methods, which are based mainly on correlational evidence, have provided contrasting results so far. Here we used direct cortical ...
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      Basic Composition and Enriched Integration in Idiom Processing: An EEG Study 

      Canal, Paolo; Pesciarelli, Francesca; Vespignani, Francesco; Molinaro, Nicola; Cacciari, Cristina (Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 2017)
      We investigated the extent to which the literal meanings of the words forming literally plausible idioms (e.g., break the ice) are semantically composed and how the idiomatic meaning is integrated in the unfolding sentence ...
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      Basque-Spanish bilingual children’s expressive and receptive grammatical abilities 

      Anderson, Rhiannon M.; Giezen, Marcel R.; Pourquié, Marie (Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism, 2019)
      Expressive-receptive gaps in lexical abilities have been documented for bilingual children, but few studies have investigated whether a similar gap is observed at the grammatical level. The current study assessed grammatical ...
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      Bayesian longitudinal segmentation of hippocampal substructures in brain MRI using subject-specific atlases 

      Iglesias, Juan Eugenio; Van Leemput, Koen; Augustinackc, Jean; Insausti, Ricardo; Fischl, Bruce; Reuter, Martin (NeuroImage, 2016)
      The hippocampal formation is a complex, heterogeneous structure that consists of a number of distinct, interacting subregions. Atrophy of these subregions is implied in a variety of neurodegenerative diseases, most ...
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      Behavioural and electrophysiological modulations induced by transcranial direct current stimulation in healthy elderly and Alzheimer’s disease patients: A pilot study 

      Cespón, J.; Rodella, C.; Miniussi, C.; Pellicciari, MC. (Clinical Neurophysiology, 2019)
      Objective To investigate whether anodal and cathodal transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) can modify cognitive performance and neural activity in healthy elderly and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients. Metho ...
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      Beta-Band Activity Is a Signature of Statistical Learning 

      Bogaerts, Louisa; Richter, Craig G.; Landau, Ayelet N.; Frost, Ram (The Journal of Neuroscience, 2020)
      Through statistical learning (SL), cognitive systems may discover the underlying regularities in the environment. Testing human adults (n = 35, 21 females), we document, in the context of a classical visual SL task, ...
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      Better than native: Tone language experience enhances English lexical stress discrimination in Cantonese-English bilingual listeners 

      Choi, William; Tong, Xiuli; Samuel, Arthur G. (Cognition, 2019)
      While many second language (L2) listeners are known to struggle when discriminating non-native features absent in their first language (L1), no study has reported that L2 listeners perform better than native listeners in ...
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      BIDScoin: A User-Friendly Application to Convert Source Data to Brain Imaging Data Structure 

      Zwiers, Marcel Peter; Moia, Stefano; Oostenveld, Robert (Frontiers, 2022)
      Analyses of brain function and anatomy using shared neuroimaging data is an important development, and have acquired the potential to be scaled up with the specification of a new Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) ...
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      Bilingual Preschoolers ’ Speech is Associated with Non-Native Maternal Language Input 

      Stoehr, Antje; Benders, Titia; van Hell, Janet G.; Fikkert, Paula (Language Learning and Development, 2019)
      Bilingual children are often exposed to non-native speech through their parents. Yet, little is known about the relation between bilingual preschoolers’ speech production and their speech input. The present study investigated ...
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      Biomarkers for Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson’s Disease 

      Delgado-Alvarado, Manuel; Gago, Belén; Navalpotro-Gomez, Irene; Jiménez-Urbieta, Haritz; Rodríguez-Oroz, María C. (Movement Disorders, 2016)
      Cognitive decline is one of the most frequent and disabling nonmotor features of Parkinson's disease. Around 30% of patients with Parkinson's disease experience mild cognitive impairment, a well-established risk factor for ...
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      Blue-Enriched Light Enhances Alertness but Impairs Accurate Performance in Evening Chronotypes Driving in the Morning 

      Rodríguez-Morilla, Beatriz; Madrid, Juan A.; Molina, Enrique; Pérez-Navarro, José; Correa, Ángel (Frontiers Psychology, 2018)
      Attention maintenance is highly demanding and typically leads to vigilance decrement along time on task. Therefore, performance in tasks involving vigilance maintenance for long periods, such as driving, tends to deteriorate ...
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      Brain activity patterns of phonemic representations are atypical in beginning readers with family risk for dyslexia 

      Vandermosten, Maaike; Correia, Joao; Vanderauwera, Jolijn; Wouters, Jan; Bonte, Milene (Developmental Science, 2020)
      There is an ongoing debate whether phonological deficits in dyslexics should be attributed to (a) less specified representations of speech sounds, like suggested by studies in young children with a familial risk for ...
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      Brain Networks Modulation in Young and Old Subjects During Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Applied on Prefrontal and Parietal Cortex 

      Miraglia, Francesca; Vecchio, Fabrizio; Pellicciari, Maria Concetta; Cespon, Jesus; Rossini, Paolo Maria (World Scientific Publishing, 2022)
      Evidence indicates that the transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) has the potential to transiently modulate cognitive function, including age-related changes in brain performance. Only a small number of studies ...
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      Brain-behavior relationships in incidental learning of non-native phonetic categories 

      Luthra, Sahil; Fuhrmeister, Pamela; Molfese, Peter J.; Guediche, Sara; Blumstein, Sheila E.; Myers, Emily B. (Brain and Language, 2019)
      Research has implicated the left inferior frontal gyrus (LIFG) in mapping acoustic-phonetic input to sound category representations, both in native speech perception and non-native phonetic category learning. At issue is ...
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      Brain-to-brain entrainment: EEG interbrain synchronization while speaking and listening 

      Pérez, Alejandro; Carreiras, Manuel ORCID; Duñabeitia, Jon Andoni (Scientific Reports, 2017)
      Electroencephalographic hyperscanning was used to investigate interbrain synchronization patterns in dyads of participants interacting through speech. Results show that brain oscillations are synchronized between listener ...
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      Brainhack: Developing a culture of open, inclusive, community-driven neuroscience 

      Gau, Rémi; Noble, Stephanie; Heuer, Katja; Bottenhorn, Katherine L.; Bilgin, Isil P.; Yang, Yu-Fang; Huntenburg, Julia M.; Bayer, Johanna M.M.; Bethlehem, Richard A.I.; Rhoads, Shawn A.; Vogelbacher, Christoph; Borghesani, Valentina; Levitis, Elizabeth; Wang, Hao-Ting; Van Den Bossche, Sofie; Kobeleva, Xenia; Legarreta, Jon Haitz; Guay, Samuel; Atay, Selim Melvin; Varoquaux, Gael P.; Huijser, Dorien C.; Sandström, Malin S.; Herholz, Peer; Nastase, Samuel A.; Badhwar, AmanPreet; Dumas, Guillaume; Schwab, Simon; Moia, Stefano; Dayan, Michael; Bassil, Yasmine; Brooks, Paula P.; Mancini, Matteo; Shine, James M.; O’Connor, David; Xie, Xihe; Poggiali, Davide; Friedrich, Patrick; Heinsfeld, Anibal S.; Riedl, Lydia; Toro, Roberto; Caballero-Gaudes, César; Eklund, Anders; Garner, Kelly G.; Nolan, Christopher R.; Demeter, Damion V.; Barrios, Fernando A.; Merchant, Junaid S.; McDevitt, Elizabeth A.; Oostenveld, Robert; Craddock, R. Cameron; Rokem, Ariel; Doyle, Andrew; Ghosh, Satrajit S.; Nikolaidis, Aki; Stanley, Olivia W.; Uruñuela, Eneko; Community, The Brainhack (Neuron, 2021)
      Brainhack is an innovative meeting format that promotes scientific collaboration and education in an open, inclusive environment. This NeuroView describes the myriad benefits for participants and the research community and ...
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      Breaking Down the Bilingual Cost in Speech Production 

      Sadat, Jasmin; Martin, Clara D.; Magnuson, James S.; Alario, Françoi-Xabier; Costa, Albert (Cognitive Science, 2016)
      Bilinguals have been shown to perform worse than monolinguals in a variety of verbal tasks. This study investigated this bilingual verbal cost in a large-scale picture-naming study conducted in Spanish. We explored how ...
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      Capturing Cross-linguistic Differences in Macro-rhythm: The Case of Italian and English 

      Polyanskaya, Leona; Busà, Maria Grazia; Ordin, Mikhail (Language and Speech, 2020)
      We tested the hypothesis that languages can be classified by their degree of tonal rhythm (Jun, 2014). The tonal rhythms of English and Italian were quantified using the following parameters: (a) regularity of tonal ...
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      Cardiac afferent activity modulates early neural signature of error detection during skilled performance 

      Bury, Gabriela; García-Huéscar, Marta; Bhattacharya, Joydeep; Herrojo Ruiz, María (NeuroImage, 2019)
      Behavioral adaptations during performance rely on predicting and evaluating the consequences of our actions through action monitoring. Previous studies revealed that proprioceptive and exteroceptive signals contribute to ...
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      Changes in electrophysiological static and dynamic human brain functional architecture from childhood to late adulthood 

      Coquelet, N.; Wens, V.; Mary, A.; Niesen, M.; Puttaert, D.; Ranzini, M.; Vander Ghinst, M.; Bourguignon, Mathieu; Peigneux, P.; Goldman, S.; Woolrich, M.; De Tiège, X. (Scientific Reports, 2020)
      This magnetoencephalography study aimed at characterizing age-related changes in resting-state functional brain organization from mid-childhood to late adulthood. We investigated neuromagnetic brain activity at rest in 105 ...