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      1-42 beta-Amyloid peptide requires PDK1/nPKC/Rac 1 pathway to induce neuronal death 

      Manterola, L.; Hernando Rodríguez, M.; Ruiz Núñez, Asier; Apraiz, A.; Arrizabalaga, O.; Vellon, L.; Alberdi Alfonso, Elena María; Cavaliere, Fabio; Lacerda, H. M.; Jimenez, S.; Parada, L. A.; Matute Almau, Carlos José; Zugaza Gurruchaga, José Luis (Nature Publishing Group, 2013-01)
      1-42 beta-Amyloid (A beta(1-42)) peptide is a key molecule involved in the development of Alzheimer's disease. Some of its effects are manifested at the neuronal morphological level. These morphological changes involve ...
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      A 4-Trifluoromethyl Analogue of Celecoxib Inhibits Arthritis by Suppressing Innate Immune Cell Activation 

      Chiba, Asako; Mizuno, Miho; Tomi, Chiharu; Tajima, Ryohsuke; Alloza Moral, Iraide; Di Penta, Alessandra; Yamamura, Takashi; Vandenbroeck, Koen; Miyake, Sachiko (Biomed Central, 2012-01-17)
      Introduction: Celecoxib, a highly specific cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitor has been reported to have COX-2-independent immunomodulatory effects. However, celecoxib itself has only mild suppressive effects on arthritis. ...
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      A Model of Ischemia-Induced Neuroblast Activation in the Adult Subventricular Zone 

      Vergni, Davide; Castiglione, Filippo; Briani, Maya; Middei, Silvia; Alberdi Alfonso, Elena María; Reymann, Klaus G.; Natalini, Roberto; Volonté, Cinzia; Matute Almau, Carlos José; Cavaliere, Fabio (Public Library of Science, 2009-04-23)
      We have developed a rat brain organotypic culture model, in which tissue slices contain cortex-subventricular zone-striatum regions, to model neuroblast activity in response to in vitro ischemia. Neuroblast activation has ...
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      A neural extracellular matrix-based method for in vitro hippocampal neuron culture and dopaminergic differentiation of neural stem cells 

      García-Parra, Patricia; Maroto, Marcos; Cavaliere, Fabio; Naldaiz-Gastesi, Neia; Álava, José I.; García, Antonio G.; López de Munain Arregui, Adolfo José; Izeta, Ander (BioMed Central, 2013)
      Background: The ability to recreate an optimal cellular microenvironment is critical to understand neuronal behavior and functionality in vitro. An organized neural extracellular matrix (nECM) promotes neural cell ...
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      A new approach based on targeted pooled DNA sequencing identifies novel mutations in patients with Inherited Retinal Dystrophies 

      Ezquerra-Inchausti, Maitane; Anasagasti, Ander; Barandika, Olatz; Garai-Aramburu, Gonzaga; Galdós, Marta; López de Munain Arregui, Adolfo José; Irigoyen, Cristina; Ruiz-Ederra, Javier (Nature Publishing, 2018-09-18)
      Inherited retinal diseases (IRD) are a heterogeneous group of diseases that mainly affect the retina; more than 250 genes have been linked to the disease and more than 20 different clinical phenotypes have been described. ...
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      A novel form of human disease with a protease-sensitive prion protein and heterozygosity methionine/valine at codon 129: Case report 

      Rodríguez Martínez, Ana B.; Garrido, Joseba M.; Zarranz Imirizaldu, Juan José; Arteagoitia, Jose M.;; Martínez de Pancorbo Gómez, María de los Angeles; Atares, Begona;; Bilbao, Miren J.;; Ferrer, Isidro;; Juste, Ramon A.; (BioMed Central, 2010-10)
      Background: Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (sCJD) is a rare neurodegenerative disorder in humans included in the group of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies or prion diseases. The vast majority of sCJD cases are ...
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      A Trifluoromethyl Analogue of Celecoxib Exerts Beneficial Effects in Neuroinflammation 

      Di Penta, Alessandra; Chiba, Asako; Alloza Moral, Iraide; Wyssenbach Ibarra, Ane; Yamamura, Takashi; Villoslada, Pablo; Miyake, Sachiko; Vandenbroeck, Koen (Public Library of Science, 2013-12-11)
      Celecoxib is a selective cyclooxygenase-2 (COX2) inhibitor. We have previously shown that celecoxib inhibits experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) in COX-2-deficient mice, suggestive for a mode of action involving ...
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      Acetylome in Human Fibroblasts From Parkinson's Disease Patients 

      Yakhine Diop, Sokhna M. S.; Rodríguez Arribas, Mario; Martínez Chacón, Guadalupe; Uribe Carretero, Elisabet; Gómez Sánchez, Rubén; Aiastui, Ana; López de Munain Arregui, Adolfo José; Bravo San Pedro, Jose M.; Niso Santano, Mireia; González Polo, Rosa A.; Fuentes Rodríguez, José Manuel (Frontiers Media SA, 2018-04-17)
      Parkinson's disease (PD) is amultifactorial neurodegenerative disorder. The pathogenesis of this disease is associated with gene and environmental factors. Mutations in leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (LRRK2) are the most ...
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      Age-dependent decrease in glutamine synthetase expression in the hippocampal astroglia of the triple transgenic Alzheimer's disease mouse model : mechanism for deficient glutamatergic transmission? 

      Olabarria, Markel; Noristani, Harun N.; Verkhratsky, Alexei; Rodríguez Arellano, José Julio (BioMed Central, 2011-07-30)
      Astrocytes are fundamental for brain homeostasis and the progression and outcome of many neuropathologies including Alzheimer's disease (AD). In the triple transgenic mouse model of AD (3xTg-AD) generalised hippocampal ...
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      Altered expression of Alzheimer's disease-related genes in the cerebellum of autistic patients: a model for disrupted brain connectome and therapy 

      Zeidán-Chuliá, F.; Oliveira, B-HN de; Salmina, AB; Casanova, MF; Gelain, DP; Noda, M; Verkhratsky, Alexei; Moreira, J CF (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-05)
      Autism and Alzheimer's disease (AD) are, respectively, neurodevelopmental and degenerative diseases with an increasing epidemiological burden. The AD-associated amyloid-beta precursor protein-alpha has been shown to be ...
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      Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: a Complex Syndrome that Needs an Integrated Research Approach 

      Riancho, Javier; Gil Bea, Francisco Javier; Santurtun, Ana; López de Munain Arregui, Adolfo José (Wolters Kluwer Medknow, 2019-01-22)
      Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the most common neurodegenerative disease affecting motor neurons, lacks an effective treatment. A small fraction of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis cases have a familial origin, related to ...
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      Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a complex syndrome that needs an integrated research approach 

      Riancho, Javier; Gil-Bea, Francisco J.; Santurtun, Ana; López de Munain Arregui, Adolfo José (Wolters Kluwer, 2019-02)
      Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the most common neurodegenerative disease affecting motor neurons, lacks an effective treatment. A small fraction of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis cases have a familial origin, related to ...
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      Analysis of Plasminogen Genetic Variants in Multiple Sclerosis Patients 

      Sadovnick, A. Dessa; Traboulsee, Anthony L.; Bernales, Cecily Q.; Ross, Jay P.; Forwell, Amanda L.; Yee, Irene M.; Guillot-Noel, Lena; Fontaine, Bertrand; Cournu-Rebeix, Isabelle; Alcina, Antonio; Fedetz, María; Izquierdo, Guillermo; Matesanz, Fuencisla; Hilven, Kelly; Goris, An; Astobiza Pérez, Janire; Alloza Moral, Iraide; Rodríguez-Antigüedad Zarranz, Alfredo; Vandenbroeck, Koen; Akkad, Denis A.; Aktas, Orhan; Blaschke, Paul; Buttmann, Mathias; Chan, Andrew; Epplen, Joerg T.; Gerdes, Lisa-Ann; Kroner, Antje; Kubisch, Christian; Kümpfel, Tania; Lohse, Peter; Rieckmann, Peter; Zettl, Uwe K.; Zipp, Frauke; Bertram, Lars; Lill, Christina M.; Fernández, Oscar; Urbaneja, Patricia; Leyva, Laura; Alvarez-Cermeño, José Carlos; Arroyo, Rafael; Garagorri, Aroa M.; García-Martínez, Angel; Villar, Luisa M.; Urcelay, Elena; Malhotra, Sunny; Montalbán, Xavier; Comabella, Manuel; Berger, Thomas; Fazekas, Franz; Reindl, Markus; Schmied, Mascha C.; Zimprich, Alexander; Vilariño-Güell, Carles (Genetics Society of America, 2016-07-01)
      Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a prevalent neurological disease of complex etiology. Here, we describe the characterization of a multi-incident MS family that nominated a rare missense variant (p.G420D) in plasminogen (PLG) ...
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      Antioxidant defense system and family environment in adolescents with family history of psychosis 

      González Pinto Arrillaga, Ana María; Martínez Cengotitabengoa, Mónica; Arango, Celso; Baeza, Inmaculada; Otero Cuesta, Soraya; Graell Berna, Montserrat; Soutullo, César; Leza, Juan Carlos; Micó, Juan Antonio (BioMed Central, 2012-11-16)
      [EN] Our objective was to determine antioxidant defence activity in healthy controls (HC) and healthy unaffected second-degree relatives of patients with early onset psychosis (HC-FHP),and to assess its relationship with ...
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      APP depletion alters selective pre- and post-synaptic proteins 

      Martinsson, lsak; Capetillo González de Zarate, Estibaliz; Faideau, Mathilde; Willén, Katarina; Esteras, Noemi; Frykman, Susanne; Tjernberg, Lars O.; Gouras, Gunnar K. (Elsevier, 2019-03)
      The normal role of Alzheimer's disease (AD)-linked amyloid precursor protein (APP) in the brain remains incompletely understood. Previous studies have reported that lack of APP has detrimental effects on spines and ...
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      Association Between Medication Adherence and Oxidative Stress in Patients With First-Episode Mania 

      García Fernández, Saínza; Alberich, Susana; MacDowell, Karina S.; Martínez Cengotitabengoa, Mónica; López Peña, María Purificación; Zorrilla Martínez, Iñaki; Leza, Juan Carlos; González Pinto Arrillaga, Ana María (Frontiers Media, 2019-03-26)
      Poor adherence is a major problem in patients with manic episodes that impairs functionality and has unknown effects on oxidative stress. The objective of this study was to analyze the relationship between adherence to ...
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      Association of Notch-1, osteopontin and stem-like cells in ENU-glioma malignant process 

      Bulnes Sesma, Susana; Bermúdez, Garazi; Lafuente Sánchez, José Vicente (Impact Journals LLC, 2018-07-31)
      Notch-1 and osteopontin (OPN) mediate angiogenesis and glioma stem-like cell (GSLC) maintenance. However, the relationship between these molecules and GSLCs during the development of glioma is unknown. We investigate the ...
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      Autophagic Marker MAP1LC3B Expression Levels Are Associated with Carotid Atherosclerosis Symptomatology 

      Swaminathan, Bhairavi; Goikuria Iriondo, Haize; Vega, Reyes; Rodríguez-Antigüedad, Alfredo; López Medina, Antonio; Freijo, María del Mar; Vandenbroeck, Koen; Alloza Moral, Iraide (Public Library Science, 2014-12-12)
      Objectives: The mechanism by which atheroma plaque becomes unstable is not completely understood to date but analysis of differentially expressed genes in stable versus unstable plaques may provide clues. This will be ...
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      Bipolar disorder comorbid with alcohol use disorder: Focus on neurocognitive correlates 

      Balanzá Martínez, Vicente; Crespo Facorro, Benedicto; González Pinto Arrillaga, Ana María; Vieta, Eduard (Frontiers Research Foundation, 2015-04-07)
      Bipolar disorder (BD) and alcohol use disorders (AUDs) are usually comorbid, and both have been associated with significant neurocognitive impairment. Patients with the BD-AUD comorbidity (dual diagnosis) may have more ...
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      Birth Weight, Working Memory and Epigenetic Signatures in IGF2 and Related Genes: A MZ Twin Study 

      González Pinto Arrillaga, Ana María; Córdova-Palomera, Aldo; Alemany, Silvia; Fatjó-Vilas, Mar; Goldberg, Ximena; Leza, Juan Carlos; Nenadic, Igor; Fañanás, Lourdes (Public Library Science, 2014-08-29)
      Neurodevelopmental disruptions caused by obstetric complications play a role in the etiology of several phenotypes associated with neuropsychiatric diseases and cognitive dysfunctions. Importantly, it has been noticed that ...